Milkovsky on investigative Department of SK of Russia on the Kamchatka edge criminal case concerning 23-the summer inhabitant trip to the area. She is suspected of infanticide. She gave birth to a daughter and left her to die in the barn. Later the baby’s body became the prey of dogs.

The woman is charged under article 106 of the criminal code (“Murder by mother of the newborn child”), according to the official website of the investigative Department. She faces a sentence of five years imprisonment.

The investigation began after the 20th of September was found the body of a newborn girl. Dead baby found resident of the village of atlasovo Milkovsky area. He saw a girl brought to the yard dog, according to “Kam 24″.

The investigators found that the girl was born September 18, in the barn of the neighboring house. Initial examination showed that the child died during childbirth. However, later it turned out that it wasn’t.

The girl was still alive the day after birth. And she died “as a result of disadaptative to the environmental conditions on the background of placental insufficiency”.

Law enforcement officers have determined the identity of the alleged mother of the deceased girl. She was a resident of the village Tymlat a trip to the area, which is abusing alcohol. She has two more children being brought up with my grandmother.

In the village of atlasovo pregnant resident of Tymlat came for seasonal work.

According to investigators, on 18 September on my way to the toilet a drunk woman gave birth to a daughter. The mother ripped the umbilical cord and left the baby at the scene, and she went on to drink alcohol with a friend. Later the girl’s body was dragged off a rural dog.

The investigative Agency said that the woman deliberately left his daughter to die in the cold. “After delivery the woman, knowing that a newborn is unable to survive without her help and supervision in life-threatening conditions expressed in sub-zero temperatures on the street, personally ripped the umbilical cord, then left the scene,” – said in a press release.

During pregnancy the suspect did not get registered in a medical institution.

The inhabitant of Mordovia has confessed to the murder of three babies

Similar are investigating a criminal case Temnikov on the staff of Department of SK Russian Federation across Mordovia. There is article 106 of the criminal code accused 32-year-old local resident.

According to investigators, in October 2016 in one of the settlements of the district Torbeevskaya suspect gave birth to the male child. “Yourself cutting the cord, she left the newborn in a metal basin in the barn. As a result, the child died, – informs the official site of the national investigation Department. – About a crime it became known in the course of operational activities”.

After the arrest of the woman told about other infanticide. “With her words, in the spring of 2012 and 2014, she also gave birth alone two children, after which their bodies were buried in the rural cemetery”, – added in management of the RF IC.

During the investigation the remains of a newborn was discovered. Appointed forensic medical examination to establish the exact cause of their death.

Their actions, the woman explained that already raising two young children. And take on the expense of the other kids didn’t let her financial capabilities.

Investigators continue to gather evidence and “find out the circumstances that contributed to the Commission of the crime.”

A resident of Kursk that killed daughter, has received 2 years in prison

Industrial district court of Kursk issued in mid-October, the verdict on criminal case concerning 31-the summer local resident.

As follows from the materials of the criminal case, the woman had three children. Four-year-old son lived with the mother, another child with my grandmother and third child, the woman refused in respect of severe congenital disease. Child, a disabled group I, was given up for adoption.

Learning about another pregnancy, the woman hid her condition from relatives and friends and not stood on the account in medical institution. “The final decision to get rid of it the defendant took after beating cohabitant”, – reported the official website of the regional Prosecutor’s office.

In a certain period of time woman without assistance gave birth to a girl. Not holding the baby, she dropped it. The child hit his head on the floor and cried. “Then the defendant began to hit baby on the head until he stopped screaming. Then wrapped the newborn in a bag and left the room,” – said in a press release. In the future she was going to throw the baby in a dumpster on the street.

After birth, the woman started bleeding. She began to lose consciousness, and so woke roommate, lied that she had a miscarriage. Civilian spouse called the ambulance. While the doctors helped the woman in labor, her boyfriend went out to smoke in the other room, where he noticed that the package is something moving.

This man told doctors that discovered the newborn child. The girl and her mother was urgently hospitalized in the regional perinatal center, where the baby died several hours later, wrote the news Agency “Kursk today”. Forensic examination showed that the cause of death was multiple fractures of the bones of the cranial vault.

The suspect was found guilty under part 1 of article 106 of the criminal code. She was appointed punishment in the form of two
years of imprisonment in a correctional colony of General regime.

In Kamchatka, the woman is suspected in the murder of a child, whose body was dragged dog 26.10.2016

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