The Agency for civil service Affairs and countering corruption of Kazakhstan is considering the issue of implementation in the state bodies of the Republic of time management. As reported by, Deputy Chairman of the Department Aigul Shaimova.

“Working on the issues of implementation in the state bodies of the so-called time-management is the measurement time workers,” said Shaimova during a round table in the Senate, on the status of implementation of the law on civil service.

She noted that it is not a secret that the civil servants at work “not only sitting at the computer and do their work” but also out to smoke or to drink tea. “So all of this must be measured, duration of working time of civil servants and to implement the principles of time management,” explained the clerk.

At the same time, she acknowledged that in fact, many government officials in Kazakhstan are processed. “We carried out the corresponding measurements in the evaluation of activities of state bodies. These facts are the place to be”, – said the representative of the Agency. She expressed the belief that with the introduction of new mechanisms this problem can be solved.

The code of ethics of civil servants of Kazakhstan can change for the sake of drinking

Meanwhile, the meeting raised the issue of improving of the code of Ethics for civil servants. So, the Deputy of Parliament Lyudmila Poltorabatko proposed to make a clarification, which would allow employees of government agencies on vacation to drink alcohol, reports

Currently, the code prescribes punishment for public servants appearing in a public place while intoxicated. Under a public place may be included and a cafe or restaurant. “And if, say, the civil servant for some family event, and guests require alcohol, as in this plan be?” – asked the Senator.

In this regard, it proposes to make recommendations or comments to the Ethics code to determine in which cases the emergence of a civil servant in a state of intoxication is considered a violation.

To combat pedophiles and enhance fertility, offer to create a Ministry of sex

Another innovation proposed by the Union of Muslims of Kazakhstan and Muslim Committee on human rights in Central Asia. These agencies appealed to the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan with a proposal to create a Ministry of sex and demography, reports News Asia.

“The current situation in the country is alarming. Sexual violence affects not only adults but also children. The growth of paedophilia has become rampant. Sexual terror has penetrated educational institutions and government agencies”, – the statement says.

The management of the QMS and CA, the IACHR considers that the establishment of the new Agency will not only develop effective methods of management of public libido, but also to find new ways to increase fertility in the country.

Earlier, the Union of Muslims of Kazakhstan proposed to introduce the country’s tax on sex and all fees to transfer to the state budget, to continue to use these funds to improving reproductive health of Kazakhstan, and also to combat sexually transmitted diseases.

In Kazakhstan decided to control the smoke breaks and tea party public servants 14.10.2016

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