In Astana in the Kazakhstan court has sentenced four men, who were found guilty of robbery. The attackers, among which were the guards, stole the value of male prostitutes, providing sexual services to homosexuals.

According to the decision of the court the former police Nurdaulet Tulenovo defined punishment in the form of restriction of freedom for four years with confiscation of property obtained by criminal means or purchased with funds of criminal origin. Former colleague Tulenova – Ruslan Tusupov sentenced to 1,5 years of restriction of freedom, the

Accomplice in the robbery Nurgazy of Nurlanov sentenced to five years imprisonment, and the defendant Alexander Necessary to have got four years of imprisonment. They will also be confiscated.

From the decision that the evening of 22 August 2016 the Nurlanov, having a criminal record with probation for robbery, weapons possession and forgery of documents found on the website ad men sexual orientation of M. B. for the provision of paid intimate services. He invited friends and Nuzhnova Tulenovo Rob M. B.’s Fourth partner and later became Tusupov, worked with Tuleevym the police of Astana.

In the evening the Necessary to call M. B. and agreed to meet for obtaining paid sex services. Then Nurlanov, the Necessary and Tulinov by car Tusupova Lexus RX 300 without telling him about his plans, came to the house of a homosexual. The necessary, entering the apartment of the victim, M. B., seized him by the throat and hit in the head. The man fell, and the attacker has admitted to the apartment of theoretical and practical issues]. A police officer of Tulenov at this time remained in the entrance to keep a lookout, said

Two robbers beat M. B., and stole his belongings: an iPad cost 285 thousand tenge, Nokia mobile phone worth five thousand KZT 60 thousand tenge in cash, a backpack cost 1500 tenge, women’s evening dress cost 18 thousand tenge, women’s jacket cost 32 thousand tenge. The total damage amounted to 402 640 tenge (1,2 thousand dollars).

The necessary, Nurlanov and Tulinov returned to the car Tusupova, which then saw the stolen items and learned about the circumstances of their appearance in his car. In the future, all four accomplices fled.

Nurlanova after the arrest was incriminated to claim 1, 3, 4 of part 2 of article 191 (“the Robbery made with application of violence not dangerous for life or health of the victim, by a group of persons on preliminary arrangement, to illegal penetration into dwelling”) the criminal code of Kazakhstan. Almost the same charges, with the exception of the fourth item presented Nuzhnova.

Tulinova was found guilty under clause 3 of part 2 of article 191 (“the Robbery made by a group of persons on preliminary arrangement”). And Tusupov were charged under article 432 (“Concealment of crimes”).

In Kazakhstan sentenced a police officer involved in the robbery of a gay man who was engaged in prostitution 23.01.2017

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