In the West of Kazakhstan in schools is heating up the conflict between adherents of traditional Islam and Salafis. Reports, the number of which is recently increasing.

In Atyrau, Aktobe and Mangystau regions, according to the authorities, aggressive religious movements hosted more than 200 students. These children do not perceive Kazakhstan as a state, do not perceive Kazakh culture, a very negative attitude to local and Central authorities.

Despite the prohibition to wear hijab in schools, parents, practicing non-traditional Islam, and send daughters to school in headscarves. Schoolgirls dressed in the hijab, not rise from their seats during the hymn of Kazakhstan, and also refuse to attend some lessons – physical education and fine arts. The rest of the students and their parents are in conflict with the adherents of Salafism, trying to draw them on the path of “true Islam”, reports the website.

Salafism in Kazakhstan first appeared in the early 1990-ies. The followers of this trend call themselves Salafis. Critics call them Wahhabis, as is any Islamic radical movement.

Salafis consider themselves to be adherents of the so-called clean belief traditional Islam of local peculiarities. They are against the various “innovations” (bid’a) in the areas of faith and daily life, starting with the methods of symbolic-allegorical interpretation of the Koran , and ending with all kinds of innovations in the Muslim world as a result of his contacts with the West.

The term “Salafi” is a common name for Muslim religious figures, who in different periods of the history of Islam has been calling to focus on the lifestyle and the confession of faith of the early Muslims – the “righteous ancestors” (as-Salaf as-Salih).

What the Salafis President Nursultan Nazarbayev laid the responsibility for the attacks in Aktobe on June 5, where he was committed the attack on gun shops and military units. “It was the terrorist attack of a group of followers of nontraditional religious movements, Salafism,” – said the head of Kazakhstan.

Work to prevent the spread of Salafism conducted in Kazakhstan for several years. This summer, after the terrorist attacks in Aktobe, members of non-traditional religious movements, it was decided to put on record.

In Kazakhstan students Salafis are boycotting the lessons and the national anthem 14.10.2016

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