Turksib district court of Kazakhstan completed its consideration of the criminal case initiated on the fact of sexual abuse and torture, which was involved in the correctional colony of Alma-ATA LA-155/18. There is a 32-year-old inmate Natalia Lecitina became pregnant after a series of forced sexual acts.

On 30 September the verdict was read one of the rapists – a 37-year-old warden Ruslan Khakimov. He will spend behind bars for nine years, writes Tengrinews.

Natalia Lecitina that after the rape and gave birth to a daughter, pleased with the verdict. However, the woman and her lawyer Ayman Umarov intend to seek punishment of the other accomplices of the crimes.

“We will demand compensation from the state for everything that happened to her,” says Umarov. Because her sentence does not say that it can rape. The sentence she must serve his sentence, the state must ensure the safety of people held in conditions of isolation. This was not done”.

Natalia does not hide that is afraid for herself and her child, although her and protect the prosecutors, writes Zakon.kz. “There is real pressure from employees C-18 (N18 detention facility),” explained Lecitina.

For this reason, the lawyer Natalia will petition for the reprieve and the release of women from custody.

Natalya noted that she was not only raped with the use of physical force, but were beaten during pregnancy. And these crimes involved not only the guards-men, but a woman.

SI-1, according to Kakiseni, she was beaten to force him to retain counsel. Natalia wrote the corresponding document dictation.

The prisoner called the names of the people who exerted pressure on her. “It Omarbekov Ermek Dauletovich (former acting head of the SI-18), Mukasheva Jeanne Bolatovna, from them I was told “Hey,” Rakhmanov Duman, who came Manas, head of the penal system (of the Department of criminal-Executive system),” – said Lecitina.

At the moment, in fact the incident initiated two more criminal cases under article “the Negligence” and “Inaction”. Protection of Kakiseni expects to prosecute and Executive employees of the penitentiary system, which covered their subordinates and tried to hide the fact of abuse.


Lawyer Ayman Umarov will achieve criminal case under article “Concealment of crimes”. “If this crime was initially revealed, there would be no such consequences, – said Umarov. – As Natalie Lecitina wasn’t raped once. She was raped a week again, then again.”

“Sentenced to rape”

32-year-old Natalia Lecitina in February 2015 have been convicted of fraud. From Taraz woman was transferred to the colony of Alma-ATA LA-155/18. And in early 2016 it turned out that the prisoner is pregnant. Then she was transferred to a baby house, where in may, she gave birth to a girl and named her Neziraj.

According to the victim, she was pregnant by one of the four officers, who abused her in August 2015. The woman was able to identify his torturers by name. Among them was the warden as head of the regime.

After several failed attempts, Natalya managed to achieve excitation of criminal case. A genetic examination confirmed the paternity of one of the defendants.

As explained by the lawyer of the victim Ayman Umarov, Lecitina raped twice within a few days. “When was the first time she was raped, she turned to the acting head of the colony to Yermek Omarbekova, showed his underwear and said that she was raped. But no action was taken,” – said Umarov.

A week later, Natalie again subjected to sexual abuse.

According to Umarova, the rapists, the guards actually do the will of the convicted person-“agent” (“agent” – in slang, the criminal authority, equivalent to the kingpin and is responsible for the position in a certain area, e.g. in a colony). “She was invited to appease one of the inmates, “polozhentsev” she said. For failure they (the guards) she was raped,” – said the lawyer.

Natalie previously said that the leadership of the penitentiary Department was trying to hush up the scandal. “I was sent to Karaganda to hide my pregnancy. There it turned out. I immediately said I was pregnant,” the woman spoke. Convicted again transferred to another correctional facility. Only there, October 13, she managed to give a statement, after which the colony arrived, the Prosecutor and began an investigation. October 26 opened a criminal case under part 2 of article 362 of the criminal code of Kazakhstan (abuse of power committed by an official”). It provides for punishment of five years imprisonment. Then added the charge under part 2 of article 120 of the criminal code of Kazakhstan (“Rape committed by a group of persons”).

After the commencement of a formal investigation Committee of criminal-Executive system (CPS) has continued to protect its employees. “The names were the first one, then two, then three. She adds these names each time, – said the Deputy chief on educational work of LA-155/18 Sergei Kurilov. Actually it’s not even the fact that they are. Well, on this occasion I can say that we have such a fact for the first time in the penal system Committee. Informed of such facts we never had”.

MIA tried to divert suspicion from the jailers even though Natalia Kakiseni was not long visits, and she had no close contact with any men except their guards.

It was also reported that all four suspects in the age of 35-45 years, married, raising children. In the service they are characterized positively and not even suspended from work. Later one of the suspects has retired and the other still was fired.

The term of imprisonment Natalia Kakiseni expires February 5, 2023, and the right to parole, it will receive on 6 October 2017. A female inmate, there are two penalties and no rewards.

According to Natalia, after an investigation, it began to exert pressure. “There is a recovery for the recovery for what she dare dirty linen in public to bear, – said the lawyer Umarov. Also she had problems with other women prisoners, since staff can work through them.”

Ayman Umarov suggested that the investigation and the court can create a precedent after which other women prisoners to address complaints of sexual violence.

In Kazakhstan, the supervisor who participated in the rape of a prisoner, was sentenced to 9 years in prison 30.09.2016

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