In Kemerovo Builder fell from a height of the ninth floor and not only survived, but almost was not injured and left the scene, according to the regional Investigative Committeebegan preliminary examination of this case.

The incident occurred October 17 at a building site in Central district of the capital of the Kemerovo region, said a local portal “Vyshgorod”. According to preliminary data, 32-year-old concrete worker was doing his job, standing on scaffolding when the roof fell through a sheet of plywood. A worker slipped and flew down.

Along the way he broke the forest on the eight lower floors. Thus the fall was mitigated, the Builder had received only a few bruises and after examination by the doctors quietly went home, noted by the SC. Now investigators find out whether there was a violation of safety rules at conducting the data construction.

However there are many cases when people have survived a fall from much greater heights due to “mitigating circumstances”. So, at the end of September in Novosibirsk 16-year-old boy trying to impress his girlfriend, fell from the balcony on the 23rd floor and survived, landing on a parked at the bottom of the car Renault Logan, which body cushioned my fall. As a result, the boy escaped with a broken shoulder and bruises.

Likewise, saved a ten year old boy in China, accidentally fell from the window of the 20th floor, and 22-year-old American, who decided to commit suicide by jumping from the 39th floor of a skyscraper.

In may of this year in Vladivostok, a 14-year-old student fell off the balcony

In Kemerovo Builder fell from the 9th floor and went home 20.10.2016

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