In Kenya, two reticulated giraffe, rare white color was first filmed on video by the staff of the organization for the protection of nature. Caught in their field of view, the mother and the baby suffer from a genetic mutation called leucism causing a loss of pigmentation of the outer covering of animals, but unlike albinism, which does not change the color of the eyes, reports The Guardian.

Rangers about white giraffes in June, according to local residents. Arriving at the reserve, Hisakuni in the County of Garissa in North-East of the country, they really found these unique animals.

Video filmed by animal rights activists became the third evidence of the existence of white giraffes in the wild. So, in March 2016, the white giraffe noticed in the same Kenyan sanctuary in Garissa, for two months in Tanzania in Tarangire national Park have also seen a young female giraffe with laicismo.

Probably in the past in nature also met animals of similar color. Perhaps under the influence of rumors about their existence in the painting of Hieronymus Bosch, “Garden earthly delights” (1500-1510) there was a white giraffe. At the same time, it is not excluded that this picture became a figment of the imagination of the Dutch artist.

According to experts, in the wild inhabit 8,500 individuals of a subspecies of the reticulated giraffe. They live in Somalia, Ethiopia, South and North of Kenya.

In December last year by the decision of the International Union for conservation of nature (IUCN) due to the steady decline in the population of giraffes on Earth, these animals received in the International red book the status of being “vulnerable”. Previously it was thought that for them there is the smallest danger of extinction.

According to zoologists, a great danger giraffes are exposed in areas where fighting is going on in the North of Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia and South Sudan. Giraffes are killed, including because it is not afraid of people who use the gullibility of the animals and kill them. At the same time in South Africa, the population of giraffe continues to grow.

Laicism appears in white, pale or mottled color fur, feathers, scales or epidermis of animals, but never leads to a lack of pigment eyes. As a result of mutations of certain genes of the body surface of the animals is devoid of cells capable of producing pigment.

Unlike albinism, in which melanocytes cells are not able to synthesize melanin, when Racisme pigment cells are absent in principle. Albinism only affects melanin, and leucism causes contraction of all types of pigments.

In Sweden recently took video of a rare white elk laicismo in the municipality of EDA to the West of the country.

In Kenya, the rare white giraffes filmed 14.09.2017

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