A picket against animal abuse and just punishment for the participants in the massacre of dogs and cats was held on Saturday on the Komsomol area in Khabarovsk. The participants lit dozens of candles in memory of the tormented guaderrama animals, reports DVHab.

According to police, on the picket line came to more than 150 residents, the riots are not registered. The picket participants were holding posters “the Maximum penalty Skinner”, “the Murderers among us”, “Zhivoderok Khabarovsk to jail”, “we Demand to tighten the article 245 of the criminal code to 10 years in prison, a fine to the parents of 500 thousand rubles.” Some came to the rally with their dogs. The initiative group of citizens during a rally and collected signatures for real punishment, reports RIA “Novosti”.

Activists also pointed to the secrecy of the investigation on this case from the public.

The representative of the organization “Zoozaschita” DV Natalia Kovalenko said that the signatures on the petitions about the punishment and toughen penalties on criminal charges of “cruelty to animals” is also collected on the Internet: “Petition on the Internet signed by more than 500 thousand citizens initiative groups are collecting signatures in the signature sheets. In Khabarovsk from other cities send sheets with signatures. They have a few thousand, and still counting”.

Terrible story became available to the General public after October 18, users of the imageboard “Dvach” found two girls on their pages in social network “Vkontakte” posted pictures of maimed and dismembered animals.

Girls that are registered under the names Alina Orlova and Kristina Hemp, one of whom was a student of Pacific national University (PNU) in Khabarovsk, has taken animals from shelters and ads “give in good hands”. According to investigators, the victims girls were at least 15 animals.

In Khabarovsk, held a picket demanding real punishment for zhivoderok 29.10.2016

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