In Khabarovsk territory the sentence for the man convicted of the brutal murder of the military retiree. Deciding to Rob an old drinking buddy, the attacker was burned with a hot iron, and then strangled the victim.

According to the decision of the court the defendant will be imprisoned for 17.5 years. To serve his sentence he will be in the correctional colony of special regime, according to the official website of the regional control RF IC.

It is established that 31-year-old convict met 67-year-old man February 23 2015. On the evening of 27 February a man came to the retired guests in the apartment, which is located in Industrial area of Khabarovsk.

The men began to drink alcohol. “After learning that the victim lives in an apartment alone, and believing that he has cash and other valuable property, the defendant decided to commit robbery on a new acquaintance, and then kill him”, – informs the official website of the regional Prosecutor’s office.

The attacker struck the pensioner in the face, after which he lost consciousness. The assailant then tied up the victim.

When the owner came to, the beating continued. The robber-PAL demanded that the victim gave him value. “Having been refused, the defendant closed the victim’s mouth gag, heated an iron and pressed him repeatedly heated portion to the face and back of the victim, demanding money. Also squeezed a few times with a towel neck of the victim”, – told in Prosecutor’s office.

“The attacker tied up the elderly man and began to torture him with an iron, demanding to give out money. In the end, the convict killed the owner and searched the apartment,” – said in a press release.

Finding no money, the killer stole a hair clipper cost 1800 rubles.

As noted in the investigation Department, the suspect in the murder earlier repeatedly brought to criminal responsibility, including for the Commission of particularly serious crimes. During the investigation it has given grateful evidences.

The man was convicted under paragraph “d, W” h 2 item 105 (“Murder”), item “b” part 4 of article 162 (“Robbery”) criminal code of the Russian Federation.

Let us add that a similar crime was solved in Dyatkovo, Bryansk region. There in early January 2015, 26-year-old Denis Nikitin, on his visit to the 61-year-old man, beat the landlord to death. The offence is committed during drinking alcohol.

The victim was found still alive and was taken to the hospital. However, there is a pensioner died from a traumatic brain injury and cerebral edema, according to the official website of the regional Prosecutor’s office.

The scene the killer stole a computer, monitor and keyboard with a total value of more than 16 thousand rubles.

The suspect was charged with part 4 of article 111 (“Deliberate causing of heavy harm to health, dangerous for human life, entailed on imprudence death of the victim”), paragraph “C” part 2 St. 158 (“the Theft made with causing of a considerable damage to the citizen”) of the criminal code.

The court sentenced Denis Nikitin to 11 years of imprisonment. To serve his sentence he will be in the correctional colony of strict regime.

In Khabarovsk male, seeking drinking buddy iron, got 17 years in prison for his murder 21.01.2016

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