While the world watched the vote in the presidential election in the United States, in the Khabarovsk region has escaped from a rehabilitation Center for wild animals tigress named Demure. The last six months she terrorized residents Solontsovskogo district of the province, and were caught by the hunters only a week ago.

According to data of the Ministry of natural resources of the region, due to strong winds in the aviary, inhabited by Quiet, collapsed old tree. It fell the corner of the fence, and the tiger could pass for the trunk and getting out.

“As a result of the tracking tracks in the snow, the tiger went off in a northerly direction from the nearby settlements”, – noted in the Department.

The authorities of nearby settlements have been warned about the escape of a dangerous predator. The hunters are ready to re-engage in catching and Demure.

On the capture of the tigress, regularly navedyvalsya to people, a week ago announced the world wildlife Fund. Experts of operative group on the settlement of conflict situations between humans and wild animals noted that in August, when Quiet was first seen in the village of Saline, she was trying to scare. But she kept coming back to human habitation. Then, the service issued a permit to capture the tiger.

“Tiger not a butterfly, his hat not catch. On him was put up the traps, checking them every three hours around the clock. We worked here for four people. In Sodic, the most conscientious citizens, but there are irresponsible, who do not tie their dogs, and they ran throughout the village fall into our traps. To catch a tiger, Pets on the street should not be”, – said the head of the Department of conservation wildlife hunting Committee of agriculture Ministry of natural resources of Khabarovsk territory Yury Cap.

Permission to capture was received on 12 September, and to catch the Quiet was only on 3 November. Experts said that the tigress is about three to four years, the width of the heel is 9.5 cm In the rehabilitation center “Utes” was supposed to conduct a detailed veterinary examination of the animal, observation of behavioral responses and the ability of the self-production of food. Experts admitted that in the end, the tiger can be re-released into the wild, but in a special radiostanice.

“Trapping a tiger in the Khabarovsk region, as recent cases in the Maritime region, once again confirmed the necessity of development of system rehab centers in tiger habitat. Such centres should be at least a few so that they most effectively perform their functions. This case also confirmed the viability of the existing system of prevention of conflict situations between tigers and people”, – commented the Director of the far Eastern branch of the Center “Amur tiger” Sergei Aramilev.

In Khabarovsk territory the tigress Demure escaped into the wild from rehabilitation center 10.11.2016

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