In Khabarovsk the Elevator crushed to death the foreman of the repair crews that came to repair the lift in one of the entrances of a residential building in the city’s Industrial area.

The tragedy happened on the evening of 9 October. Circumstances of incident are investigated by the regional Investigation Committee. According to preliminary data of the Ministry, 50-year-old mechanic went to repair the lift, and the driver of the brigade stayed in the car.

After a long absence of the master, the driver went to look for him and found that the Elevator is on the second floor, and a dead mechanic is sandwiched between the cab roof and the top of the door opening of the mine.

SK conducts a preliminary examination, during which will be resolved, whether in this case the reason for the criminal case.

Increased attention to the problem of the danger of elevators in Russia was given after two high-profile cases in Moscow. In December of last year from-for falling of an Elevator in the apartment buildings on the street Ostrovityanova killed ten-month-old baby. Then the Elevator suddenly fell into the moment when parents walk in, and the baby was between the doors. And in January, the high capital elite residential complex “Scarlet sails” due to the fault of the Elevator car, killed 36-year-old Irina Volodina, the daughter of a famous TV host Evgenia Kochergina.

It was later revealed that the inhabitants of both houses for several years have complained about the elevators, but in vain. After the tragedy in “the Scarlet sails” the Prosecutor General’s office initiated inspections in all regions for compliance with legislation in the use of elevators in residential buildings.

In the state Duma conducted a study to determine regions with a very advanced situation with the Elevator equipment in residential homes. In the end the most disadvantaged in this regard was named the Arkhangelsk oblast, also with the five regions with the most life-threatening elevators got Tula, Nizhny Novgorod, Yaroslavl and Murmansk region. The researchers stressed that the money for repairs or replacement of elevators are everywhere, but the local government spend it on other types of fixation “beautiful report”, sacrificing the safety of citizens.

In Khabarovsk the Elevator crushed the wizard, who arrived to fix it 10.10.2016

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