Rescuers helped free the dog, who has lived in the trap for more than three years: the animal is a puppy was trapped in the gap between the block and attached to her shop, told the program “Vesti-Khabarovsk”.

Realizing that the dog can’t get out, the tenants were fed and cared for animals. In addition, residents appealed to various services of the city for help.

Heard them only three years later: as a result of the rescue operation, the dog was released from “captivity”. The hole between the walls of the house and shop, in which the dog could stick his face broadened, and he climbed one of the rescuers.

According to journalists, there were already those who are willing to adopt your dog and help him adapt to his new life in freedom.

In September 2015 in Voronezh there was a similar case. In September at one of the houses washed away the sand and collapsed pavement, which formed an impressive pit. Workers patched the hole and put on top of the tile, not paying attention to coming out of the ground barking. As a result, local residents are not waiting for assistance from the housing Department themselves dug a pit and rescued a pregnant stray named Squirrel, entombed under the earth.

In Khabarovsk three years later, saved bricked up between two buildings a dog 11.10.2016

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