Investigators of Khakassia opened a criminal case on the fact of attack on the employee of private security of Regardie. In the end, guards had to use weapons. Shot from a gun he shot the attacker of the bar, which turned out to be an athlete competing in martial arts.

The brawler was sent to Abaza hospital with a gunshot wound to the right buttock. “His life and health threatens nothing”, – informs the official site of Republican management of SK Russian Federation.

According to preliminary data, November 5, 2016 about 3:00 in the paragraph centralized security Department private security in the city Abaza, tashtyp district received an alarm signal from the bar “Beer”. To a scene there arrived the squad of the national guard of the private security Department consisting of three people. One employee remained in the service car, and two others were in the bar.

As it turned out, one of visitors, being in an alcohol intoxication, came into conflict with the administrator, which was the reason for the call. “Employees of the national guard detained the offender and began to drag him from the bar, to deliver to the police station for drawing up a Protocol on bringing to administrative responsibility”, – stated in a press release.

On the street a young man was able to escape and tried to escape. However, the soldiers of Regardie detained him. “The guy at the same time, slipped, fell to the ground,” added in the RF IC.

Senior police OVO leaned over to the offender to help him up. At this time his two buddies, who were also drunk, attacked employees of Regardie to release the detainee. 19-year-old attacker ran up to the older COP, who lifted the fallen intruder, and struck the man two kick to the head.

Near the second COP (the driver) began to push away the attacker. However, he himself ran the second assailant, who turned 18 years old. The young man grabbed a law enforcement officer by the neck and began to choke.

“As it turned out, 18-year-old attacker is a Russian candidate master of sports in hand-to-hand combat, so an employee of the national guard to free itself from the suffocating grip but could not. To reflect the attacks of the official submachine gun PP-2000 COP (driver) fired two warning shots into the air”, – told in the RF IC.

But the shooting did not stop the attackers. Then an officer fired a third shot to kill and wounded the youngest of the bullies in the right buttock.

The next day a criminal case was initiated under part 1 of article 318 (“Use of violence not dangerous for life or health, if committed against a representative of power”) and part 2 of article 318 (“Application of violence dangerous to life or health, committed against a representative of authorities”) of the criminal code.

The investigation questioned victims and witnesses, conducted an inspection of the scene. Affected law enforcement officers appointed is judicial-medical examination to determine the degree of harm caused to their health.

A decree on the establishment of the national guard on the basis of Interior Ministry troops, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed 5 April 2016. Later it was announced that the new structure will be called Asgardia. It was headed by commander of the Internal troops, Viktor Zolotov, who previously headed the security service of the President.

Regardie were given powers that were Interior Ministry troops, Riot police, SOBR and MVD tssn. It was reported that employees of the new structure will be able to detain citizens, to check the documents, to cordon off the area, including the suppression of the riots. They are also allowed in case of an emergency to prohibit the movement of cars, to use cars of citizens to prosecute criminals, to enter a dwelling, to use force, special means and weapons. In the summer the state Duma has passed a bill allowing men to use weapons in the crowd, to suppress revolts in the colonies.

In Khakassia fighter of Regardie was shot in the buttocks of Grappler, sitting in a bar 08.11.2016

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