Investigators of the city of Chernogorsk in Khakassia opened a criminal case against a disabled man, a suspect in the attempted murder. An attacker with a rope had choked on the Playground young mother, without having divided with it a place on the swings. The crime was committed in front of a minor child of the victim.

It is established that the suspect is a group II disability mental illness. He is charged with part 3 of article 30, part 1 of article 105 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“Attempt at murder”), reports the official site of Republican management of SK Russian Federation.

According to investigators, on 12 September 2016 31-the summer inhabitant chernogorska was out walking with his young child in the house yard down the street of Cosmonauts, where she resides. “At a time when the victim was swinging on the swings with her child sitting on her lap, her back came before she not a friend of the suspect and the feelings of resentment that she gave him on the swings, threw her a rope around his neck and began to choke,” – said in a press release.

The victim handed over the child standing next to the woman and began to actively resist. In this regard, the man failed to finish the job and kill the “offender”, investigators believe.

In connection with the attack on a woman with a child, the police conducted a preliminary examination, September 15, the collected materials were transferred to the RF IC. 14 Oct the criminal proceedings were begun. “Forensic medical and forensic psychiatric examination, questioned the witnesses,” – concluded in the investigative Department.

In Khakassia the disabled tried to strangle the eyes of a child by his mother who gave the man a place on the swings 27.10.2016

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