In Khasavyurt, a former magistrate Yunus Aseev on Friday, October 14, in the afternoon, made a fire near his house and wounded three people, reports “Interfax” citing a source in law enforcement bodies of the region.

According to preliminary data, the house of a former judge, came a few
people with whom he started the conflict. “Three people injured,
one is in intensive care,” – said the Agency interlocutor.
“The shooter turned himself in to law enforcement authorities”, – said the source TASS in

Another source of “Interfax” in power structures has told that shot a former judge of a hunting rifle. “According to preliminary data, the conflict occurred on the basis of personal hostile relations,” he added.

Dagestani newspaper “New business” , citing a source, writes that there were four men and they went to Acieve “on the issue of debt”. According to the source, one of the wounded in serious condition.

the interior Ministry reported that Asiev defended his brother’s house. “Brother Aseeva
organized something like a financial pyramid, which came to
disassembly of the young people have invested a large sum of money. As a relative
Aseeva at the request of young people failed to pay back the money
the victims decided to take him home.”

Acieve the lawyer Sapiyat Magomedova explained to the edition “Chernovik” a different version of events. “Tonight, in the house of the former magistrate of Khasavyurt Yunus Aseeva broke several people and opened fire,” she said.

According to the lawyer, the attackers were two and both of them were allegedly police officers of the Chechen Republic. One of them Aseev wounded in response.

“When they broke Asiev the patient lying at home, but he was faster and he shot one of them, and then they ran away. The bullet, which left the attackers. He Aseev fired from a legal gun”, the lawyer said.

Aseev associates the incident with the debt conflict with the Chairman of the district court of Khasavyurt Sultan Ibragimov, which needs a large sum of money to his relative.

The official comments to this information yet.

On Ibragimova Aseev wrote a complaint to the High qualification Board of judges of the Republic

Yunus Aseev already came in the news in September. He is eight years old
he held the position of magistrate court plot N128 Khasavyurt
district. In the summer the Qualification Board of judges (KKS),
having considered his candidacy for the position, did not reappoint Aseeva,
and he reported himself Aseev edition “Chernovik”, has filed a complaint against this decision to the Higher qualification Collegium of judges (VVKS).

In the complaint, he pointed to the corruption of the President of the Supreme court
Dagestan Ruslan Mirzaev and accused him that he was in complicity with
the President of the court of the Khasavyurt district Sultan Ibragimov sold his position for seven million rubles.

On 27 September, the day when the Vienna Convention had to decide with
the Chairman of the Supreme court of Dagestan, Asieve got a call from vkks
asked whether he withdraws his complaint. As
it turned out, in CCG it’s composed on his behalf a statement where he
asks to withdraw her complaint because she alleged was made under
pressure, and the second item specifies that the Deputy Mirzaev
Suleyman Suleymanov gave a bribe to the government for the position
Chairman of the armed forces. Aseev written statement to the investigating authorities on
the forgery of his signature in the document.

In the end, the vkks is not defined in the candidacy for the post
President of the Supreme court, which claimed the acting President
Ruslan Mirzayev and his Deputy Suleyman Suleymanov. Consideration
the issue was postponed to November.

In Khasavyurt former judge was shot outside his home three people 14.10.2016

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