In Ukraine 21 November for the third time celebrated the Day of dignity and freedom – the anniversary of the beginning Euromaidan. The President of the country Petro Poroshenko, in a solemn speech on the occasion, explained why when coming to power did not enter the country under martial law, and criticized the Russian regime, which “soak in the toilet” democracy.

During his speech , Poroshenko said that “in conditions of external aggression yielded to pressure and went for the imposition of martial law”.

“Such a step would have significantly strengthened the powers of the President as Supreme commander. But I was not thinking about himself but about the country. And the need to preserve and strengthen what is a sign of European culture, the system of checks and balances, political competition, rights and freedoms of Ukrainian citizens, especially freedom of speech,” – said the Ukrainian leader, who was quoted by the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

Thus in the summer of 2016, Poroshenko said that the aggravation of the situation in the East of Ukraine and in the Crimea, which Kyiv authorities considered to be occupied territory, does not preclude the introduction of martial law and Declaration of mobilization.

Also during his speech, Poroshenko said that the ongoing Europeanization of Ukraine has not affected the quality of life of citizens and the objective reason for this – fighting at the Donbass, reports “Ukrainian truth”.

“But there is one significant obstacle which is not yet given that most Ukrainians the opportunity to experience the obvious rapprochement with Europe: Europeanisation, unfortunately, has not yet touched the level of life of Ukrainians. This is the only area where we are three years closer to European standards”, – said Poroshenko. It happened due to objective factors – the war and the need to defend, to rebuild the army, explained the head of state.

Poroshenko adorned speech with a quote from Putin, who “soak in the toilet democracy”

In his speech Ukrainian President paraphrased a well-known promise of Vladimir Putin in 1999, “wet” terrorists “in the outhouse”, saying that the Russian regime “soak in the toilet” democracy.

“Russian authoritarian regime, which soaked in the toilet of democracy in their own country, is willing to use its tools for their own purposes outside of the Russian Federation”, – said the President of Ukraine (quoted on the website of the TV channel “112 Ukraine”).

It was a reference to the phrase Putin: “We will pursue terrorists everywhere: at the airport – at the airport, so you’ll excuse me, the toilet, the toilet and soak them in the end. All the question is closed definitively”. This phrase Putin said in September 1999, while still Prime Minister under Boris Yeltsin. He later admittedthat he worried about: “I blurt Out something apparently out of place. Frustrating, shouldn’t I, once on this level, talking, talking, talking”.

In Ukraine scheduled for about 380 mass events

In all regions of Ukraine on the anniversary of Euromaidan will host approximately 380 events, notes TV channel. Public safety will provide about 18 thousand militiamen.

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In Kiev celebrated the third anniversary of the start of Euromaidan 21.11.2016

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