In Kiev, near the Palace “Ukraine” before the concert of the group “Potap and Nastya” there were scuffles between police and opponents of the musicians are unhappy that they are in Russia, reports And during the concert one of the protesters spilled substance with a sharp odor, which the audience had to leave the room. On it informs TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

In the protest, according to various estimates, took part from 30 to 50 people. “They tried to prevent the audience to get to the concert, throwing eggs and tomatoes and shouted various slogans. Police arrested five people,” – said in a live broadcast by the correspondent channel “112 Ukraine”.

As transfers RIA “news”on the eve the police said that to disrupt the concert tried activists of the nationalist party “Freedom”. According against concert protested Ukrainian nationalists from the organization “Sokol”.

Two people, including a child, injured in clashes before the concert “Potap and Nastya”. This was announced by Secretary of the Kyiv city Council Volodymyr Prokopiv on his page in Facebook.

“Near the Palace “Ukraine” riots… I Honestly don’t know who is right and who is wrong. But only according to those people who asked for help: a 19-year-old boy with serious injuries are taken to emergency with a pulse of 40. Nine-year-old girl medics rescued from tear-gas inhalation. No policy justifies the situation when children suffer. Whoever was to blame, he will be punished,” wrote Prokopiv.

About in the hall spilled substance with a pungent odor reported on air of “112 Ukraine” the General Director of the Palace “Ukraine” Roman Nedzelsky. According to him, the attacker had spilled ammonia, a man was detained by employees of security Service of Ukraine.

The young man turned out to be visitors. According to the TV channel “112 Ukraine”, he told me that with two droppers, the “charged” liquid ammonia, walked along all the aisles in the hall. After the staff of the Palace “of certain maintenance work on the localization of the smell,” the concert took place and ended at ten o’clock local time.

This is not the first protest against performances of “Potap and Nastya” in Ukraine. So, in the spring, the Duo had to cancel luck after the protests. 22 Oct speech disrupted by protesters in Khmelnytskyi. In Chernihiv last week, protesters also tried to disrupt the concert of the group spilling out the front door to the theatre pig’s blood. As reported by the TV channel “112 Ukraine”, they shouted to the audience: “Shame! Shame on you! Paying concert “Potap and Nastya”, you pay for the war!” Protesters also held posters with inscriptions: “Down with Russian jesters from Chernigov!”, “Down with the traitors!”, “You – a shame of Ukraine”.

“Potap and Nastya” – Ukrainian Duo, formed in 2006 by Alexey Potapenko and Anastasia Kamensky.

In Kiev, nationalists tried to disrupt the concert of “Potap and Nastya” 17.11.2016

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