In Kiev, near the U.S. Embassy held a performance with the participation of fighters
the formation of “Tornado” in camouflage uniforms and half naked girls
tried by means of the movement FEMEN to attract the attention of the American
diplomats to the problem of corruption in the activities of Ukrainian officials
in particular, the head of the national Bank of Ukraine Valeria Gontareva, reports channel
“112 Ukraine”.

As told the TV channel one of the participants, “tornadovtsa” arrived to the building
the Embassy to guard the rally, and Topless activists tried
to get a meeting with the US Ambassador in Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch. Russian
The media and some Ukrainian, including the Agency “Kharkiv”,
attributed to the action of movement FEMEN, participants repeatedly performed
the performances outcrops. According to RIA
“News Ukraine”
, the activists have made several
public organizations, in particular the European students ‘ Union
Of Ukraine” (still such an organization is not mentioned on the Internet
there are only a Ukrainian national
student Union

organization called differently – “the European Council
students of Ukraine”. This organization has participated in a similar
anti-corruption campaigns September 14, blocking the entrance to the Ukrainian
mission the mission of the International monetary Fund and not letting
employees to their jobs, but then, according to the report of the same edition,
girls undressed only to swimwear. They explained that it
symbolizes the poverty of the Ukrainian people, which the “authorities removed
the shirt”.

This time activists were naked to the waist and began to “wash dollars” in
the basins with water. “Dollars” represented by a stylized
hundred dollar bill leaflets on one side of which were portraits,
combining the features of the head of the national Bank of Ukraine Valeria Gontareva and
ex-President Viktor Yanukovych, on the other – text “Gontareva
and Yanukovych – partners in corruption.”

According to the authors of the leaflets, in 2013, the company Gontareva
Investment Capital Ukraine as the broker has participated in
transactions in the amount of 1.5 billion dollars in the interests of the Cypriot companies
owned close to Yanukovych officials.

At the end of 2013 hontareva helped Viktor Yanukovych to clean up 1.5 billion
stolen dollars,” which is now arrested in “Oshchadbank”.
The protesters said that prosecutors “inactive”, Gontareva
“silent and covers her former partners,” and “the President [of Ukraine]
Poroshenko covers Gontareva”.

The protesters have expressed outrage that the Prosecutor General’s office is investigating
the case of stolen money Yanukovych. Publication “Ukrainski news”
writes that activists have demanded the US to stop “feed”
the Ukrainian government loans, while the country will not start a real fight
corruption. In the United States for financial chart money received
corruption by officials and politicians face a long prison
conclusion. However, in Ukraine they not only go unpunished, but
and continue to occupy high positions in government,
they said. The event was attended by several dozen

One of the participants, Nikolai Kondrashov with a megaphone and walked up to
the entrance to the Embassy, he was joined by a woman holding in hands
folder with the case. However, as writes the edition News24UA,
the Embassy guard pushed the “activists” from entering the building. Attempt
go to the Embassy and to pass the petition on behalf of the Ukrainian people
the new US Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch has failed.

A participant complained, RIA “Novosti Ukraina”, that “there on the door
there’s no doorknob to open. “The document we have not adopted,
said that our action was not planned in advance, so to us
no one will come,” – said Kondrashov. According to him, a request for a meeting
activists do not filed, “gathered spontaneously gathered
people over the Internet”.

The organizers said that next time more prepared
thoroughly and try to get a meeting with the Ambassador, and
the message will be sent by mail.

Journalists have asked activists why they came to
the us Embassy to demand to fight the Ukrainian corruption.
“Because it’s their dollars,” said the woman with the folder. Journalists
surprised: “that is, if we were talking about the Euro, you would go to
the European embassies, because of the rubles, then the Russian Embassy
Russia?” “The Ukrainian government listens to us
Ambassador,” came the reply.

A company of patrol service of special purpose MIA “Tornado” has received
fame 18, 2015 when he refused to obey the decree
interior Minister of Ukraine Arsen Avakov about the disbandment of units, and
the Prosecutor’s office of Ukraine has opened a
the criminal case against the eight guards, who were accused of
the Commission of serious crimes.

In Kiev students staged a Topless anti-corruption performance at the U.S. Embassy 04.10.2016

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