Police Ukhta in the Komi Republic will put on the preventive account of the two young girls who were accused of perjury. Girl accused a man of pedophilia after he refused their sexual services.

Criminal punishment threatened a 29-year-old man. However, he managed to prove his innocence by recording car recorder, writes “Comeonline”.

Established that the man I saw on the Internet a fictional account, the user who offered sexual services for money. The parties agreed to meet on Komsomolskaya square, where a potential customer parked his car. At the appointed time in the salon in the back seat sat two girls. They suggested the car owner intimacy in exchange for money.

The man realized that communicating with a minor, and asked them to leave the car. The girl was very unhappy with the refusal and left, not bothering to hide the annoyance.

11 Sep 15-year-old girl involved in a conversation with the driver went to the police with a statement about sexual harassment. In a telephone conversation, she claimed that together with a friend were attacked by a rapist.

The girl also gave police the plate number of the vehicle on which the next day found the owner. However, the man gave police a recording of a dash camera, which recorded the four-minute conversation of the suspect with the girls. After reviewing the records, it became clear that minors themselves offered the man sex, hoping for a reward.

Investigators conducted an audit and refused to initiate criminal proceedings against the men in connection with absence in its actions of structure of a crime. The girl for false accusation, too, will not bear criminal responsibility, because he has not yet attained 16 years of age. However, in relation to her and her girlfriend will be carried out preventive measures.

In Komi girl accused a man of pedophilia, when he refused to join with them in sexual contact 04.10.2016

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