Court of Komi has sentenced 37-year-old serial pedophile from Sosnogorsk Basil Satinov, who was found guilty of the rape and murder of a minor schoolgirl. The attacker lured the girl to his country house, and then dealt with her.

The decision of the court Vasily Satinov, who has previously worked in the ritual Agency, will serve a life sentence of imprisonment in a correctional colony of special regime. In addition, he appointed forced measures of medical character in the form of outpatient observation and treatment at the psychiatrist, informs the official site of Republican management of SK Russian Federation.

As follows from the materials of the criminal case, in April 2016 the law enforcement bodies received a message about the disappearance of 11-year-old resident of Ukhta Natasha Ilyina. The girl disappeared on the way from home to art school.

“Given the age of the minor missing, and that in the course of search operations to establish her whereabouts made it impossible, in fact obscure the disappearance of the child criminal case”, – noted in the management of the RF IC.

In the same month, managed to establish the identity of the suspect and detain him. Defendant was born in the village of Vetlosyan Basil Satinov, who already had a criminal record, including child rape.

At the time of the crime Satinov lived in a country house in territory of gardening Association in Ukhta. “During the inspection in the yard of the house was found the body of missing girl”, – explained in the RF IC.

According to investigators, Satinov saw Natasha at the bus stop and gained her confidence, lured to a country house that belonged to his father. There’s Basil, who was in a state of alcoholic intoxication, raped the victim. In the future, for fear of responsibility for their actions, he strangled the girl and hid her body in the greenhouse.

The staff of the funeral service identified the detainee of his former colleague. “He after his release we got, say, rape sat. In the team behaved like an outcast, kept aside and tried once again with no one to contact,” – said one of his former colleagues Satin.

After about six months, Vasily retired. “After we learned that he was again jailed for attempted rape and he recently got out of prison”, – said the employee of the funeral.

From Satin was opened page in the social network, where he reported that he has no family.

During the investigation, Vasily Satinov pleaded guilty to the crime and gave detailed testimony about the circumstances of the incident, which was confirmed at the site of the massacre. His guilt is also confirmed by witness testimony and the conclusions it is judicial-medical, genetic, forensic, forensic examinations.

Psychiatrists have identified Sateen signs of disorder of sexual preference in the form of pedophilia, not excluding sanity. According to conclusions of experts, it needs the application of coercive measures of a medical nature. While Satinov declared sane.

The pedophile-the recidivist convicted under paragraph”, K” part 2 of article 105 (“Murder juvenile, interfaced to rape”), part 5 of article 131 (“Rape”), part 5 of article 132 (“Violent actions of sexual character”) of the criminal code.

The residents wanted to “break into pieces” pedophile

Natasha Ilyin was born on 26 Dec 2002. Becoming a student, she seriously played chess and got a lot of letters.

Natasha was raised by her grandmother since the girl’s mother died in a car accident. The girl’s death mourned the whole Komi Republic, wrote “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. And in Ukhta was held an action in memory of “Farewell darkness”, which was attended by about 500 adults and children. People regretted the inability of the public massacre of the cottager-a pedophile.

“Very sorry for the girl. This monster had to let on bodies, or break to pieces,” gave the Agency “Pro City Ukhta” the words of the participants.

The real wave of “public hatred” was raised on local Internet forums. Their visitors were offered to euthanize pedophiles as “rabid dogs”, and also to expose them to the terrible public tortures. “I would personally participated in his execution,” wrote one of the parents raising a daughter.

Other in their thirst for vengeance appealed to the Bible. “Swami I totally agree! It also should be killed, as they killed Jesus,” said another Internet wearer.

Meanwhile, the Russian prison system until recently, did everything to ensure that life imprisonment was seen and condemned by society as slow and agonizing death. Resocialization or the hotfix that is contained in the General principles and for official purposes of the prison system for life prisoners is completely eliminated. According to FSIN, these people should “rot alive” without ever being able to escape to freedom, wrote in November Meduza.

Only recently the Russian Themis for the first time in the history of the country took the decision to ease the isolation mode to “lifers”. On 17 November the Russian constitutional court has allowed them extended visits with their families. Long before dates were put only after ten years in strict regime. However, many convicted for life survive only a few years in such conditions and soon die.

In Komi sentenced to life in prison a paedophile who killed in the country 11-the summer girl 01.12.2016

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