Court of Komi has sentenced a criminal case against two women. They were found guilty of the brutal murder of a man who felt animosity and jealousy. A victim of these intruders was a woman bringing up three children.

The decision of the court the defendant Yana Petrova will spend behind bars for 12 years and three months. Her half-sister Elena dektaryenko sentenced to 10 years in prison. To serve their sentence, prisoners are in the correctional colony of General regime, reports the official site of Republican management of SK Russian Federation.

In addition, in favor of the injured 28-year-old Petrova and 37-year-old dektaryenko be collected the compensation of moral harm for a total amount of 700 thousand rubles. The verdict has not yet entered into force.

It is established that in August 2015, Yana Petrova and Yelena dektaryenko “entered into preliminary agreement, aimed at causing injuries to the 31-year-old local resident, to which they feel personal enmity”.

Late in the evening of 7 August, the ill-minded woman came to the house of the victim Olesya Popova in the village of Ust-Ukhta (the city of Sosnogorsk). Calling the woman’s apartment, they asked “to help them to bring the stroller in the door.” Under this pretext, the ill-minded woman lured from home 13-year-old victim’s daughter Sasha. The sisters beat her, and pushed into a girls mouth stones. Only after that they realized they had made a mistake, because their aim was the mother of Sasha. Then Petrov and dektaryenko beat the mistress of the apartment. The victim inflicted several blows to the body and head, then led her to the river.

“In the meadow supernumerary brutally beat the victim, Petrova tried to strangle her, put in the ear cut metal wire, the same cut has caused at least 11 sharp impacts to the abdomen, from which the victim lost consciousness,” – said in a press release.

The sisters moved the woman to the shore, located 60 metres from the suspension bridge across the river Ukhta, where he immersed her in the water face down. “As a result of mechanical asphyxia from closure of the lumen airway of water by the drowning woman died,” note the investigators.

To complicate the identification of the body, Petrov was removed from the victim’s earrings, jewelry and threw them into the river. Then she went into the water and pushed the corpse down the river.

“According to the forensic examination, the victim sustained multiple injuries, including a severe injury of the abdomen, a thorax with damage of internal organs”, – emphasized in the investigative Department. The woman’s body was discovered by local fishermen after a day at the river Izhma, which flows into Ukhta, near the village Paris.

At the time of the massacre of the house of the victim were her three children, including the baby. And the woman’s husband that night remained in Ukhta, as his car broke down. Therefore, to protect the mother of many children there was no one.

From criminal case materials, it also follows that Yana Petrova has previously been convicted of theft, fraud, and infliction of grievous bodily harm. The recidivist was released from prison on 24 July 2015. She was serving a sentence for something that stabbed a man.

While the nurse was in prison, Helen was brought up not only his 14-year-old child, but was also the guardian of 11-year-old Yana. Work as a nurse in Ukhta mental illness she had to resign because of maternity leave returned to the employee, which replaced Elena. But most of all a woman worried that her partner Edward often visits his former family in Ust ‘ -Ukhta.

A jealous woman rolled her civilian husband hysterics, fearing that he will return to his former wife Olesya Popova. After another quarrel Edward threw Elena, who decided that Olesya is the cause of her troubles. Intending to punish “the other woman”, Elena asked for help to Yana, which has just released, wrote “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

To Olesya didn’t recognize her, Elena dressed in men’s clothes and asked in the course of the massacre to call her Alex.

During the preliminary investigation supernumerary criminal case gave contradictory testimony and put forward different versions of what happened. He was charged with paragraph “g” of part 2 of article 105 of the criminal code (“Murder committed by a group of persons”).

In Komi sisters, killed out of jealousy large woman, got 10-12 years in prison 11.11.2016

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