The public of the Republic of Komi excited upcoming tour of the Finnish theatre Circus Uusi Maailma, which in November should show in Syktyvkar acclaimed production of Globally Wanted. Orthodox teachers and social activists addressed a letter in Public chamber of the Republic, demanding to ban the demonstration.

As indicated FlashNord, the authors of the letter consider the pornographic performance and call it “anti-national and anti-moral sabotage”. “Such ideas about art and human relationships neither Komi nor the Russians never had” – say the activists, expressing an opinion that under the guise of cultural exchange Western propaganda intended to corrupt the Russian provinces, on which rests “the morality of the people.”

“We ask you to consider the moral status of the theatrical productions of the Republican academic drama theatre of a name of Victor Savin. Not for the first season from time to time there are controversial productions with a demonstration of the immoral scenes and ridiculous reading Russian and foreign classics. Such a reading is reflected on the moral state of the audience, especially the young” – quoted the address of the Orthodox pedagogical society. St. Stephen of Perm , “Interfax”.

According to the Agency, the Public chamber has responded to the signal of community members and held an emergency meeting, calling on the carpet of the Director of the drama theatre of Mikhail Matveev.

Matveyev said that the tour of the Finnish theatre organized in the framework of the Russian-Finnish cultural exchange. For controversial performances set the age limit, and the audience themselves may choose to go to the show or not. In turn, Minister of culture of Komi Anastasia Prokudina agreed that the viewer can perceive the theatrical performance is ambiguous. “I personally did not like the setting, but to deny it we cannot, because the law does not allow”, – she explained.

Edition ProGorod11 claims that the inhabitants of Syktyvkar are waiting for a scandalous staging of “horror”, particularly impressed those who saw the rehearsal of the Circus Uusi Maailma. “On the stage is dirty filth, full of nonsense and propaganda of same-sex relationships. This cannot be shown in Russia, either children or adults with normal mentality,” says an unnamed resident of the city.

Meanwhile in the Finnish theatre does not hide the ambiguities of statement. On the page of the sitededicated to Globally Wanted, says that the play is filled with the absurd, circus acts, acrobatics, parkour and other unusual items. Five characters dance, sing Opera arias, slap each other, have been climbing and hanging.

“In spite of a grotesque relationship, it’s their way to love. It’s okay to be different”, – stated in the description of the performance. Thus the theatre shows a collective image of the European family and the current challenges it faces.

Theater review quotes the edition of Helsingin Sanomat, which States that Globally Wanted is “blackened burlesque burp right in your face”. It’s nothing to compare it to, writes the critic, “and scary at the same time it’s nice to feel that way”.

The premiere took place in October 2011 in the Finnish city of jyväskylä. Since then, Globally Wanted showed throughout Finland and also in Sweden, Germany and the UK, including at international festivals. And the Council on the arts Central Finland was awarded the performance prize “Irony of the year”.

In Syktyvkar drama theater clarifythat the play is not recommended to viewers under 18 and over 55 years of age.

In Komi want to ban performance – “belching blackened burlesque” Finnish theatre 30.10.2015

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