Activists of the “New Cossack magicians” put in Krasnodar the monument to the famous British theologian and occultist of the nineteenth-twentieth centuries, Aleister Crowley, whom the adherents of Christianity believe a Satanist.

Made of juniper tree monument representing the number 93, set on the banks of the Kuban river near the Yablonovsky bridge and opened on the evening of 30 November, on the eve of the 69th anniversary of the death of British mysticism. During the opening ceremony of the “Cossacks-magicians” pasted monument Tarot cards of Thoth, and their “high priest-chieftain” made a ritual combustion structure, writes portal “Yugopolis”.

“Aleister Crowley – the angel of the Kuban region, – said the representatives of the organization to journalists. – That’s Crowley in one of his mystical revelations foresaw the coronation of the Kuban Cossacks and the proclamation of the Krasnodar region “Region 93″. In Karolinska creed number 93 symbolize the Love and Will, on what keeps the Kuban land, imbued with Thelemic fire of Holiness and eroticism Cossack mysteries”.

The design of the monument is such that it can be ignited continuously, and “Cossacks-magicians” called to do it all not indifferent to the personality of Crowley, according to the publication.

During a visit to Moscow in the early twentieth century Crowley, admiring the view of the Kremlin, called it “the epitome of the dream inspired by the hashish”, reminiscent of the Kuban artisty and declare: “the Goal of all our activities is to turn in like a dream the whole of Russia”.

A year earlier, on the night of December 1, 2015, members of the organization in Krasnodar outlined circles of salt monuments of St. Catherine, the Empress Catherine II and an obelisk in honor of the 200th anniversary of the Kuban Cossack army, in order to protect the city “from the demons of the present, whose many incarnations”: gay, Bandera, terrorists, Turks.

Aleister Crowley practiced rituals based on religious teaching and mysticism, and including the use of drugs. Ideas he outlined in a number of artistic works and journalistic work. Creativity Crowley became one of the ideological basis of the youth counterculture of the 1960-ies. Among the followers of Crowley’s many famous rock musicians including Keith Richard and Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy page and many other Western celebrities.

In Krasnodar have put a monument theologian Aleister Crowley, whom Christians believe is a Satanist 01.12.2016

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