The Director of the school in Krasnoyarsk, where she’s a 13-year-old boy killed a classmate, who was fired, reports TASS citing a source in law enforcement bodies of the region. The Ministry of education of Krasnoyarsk region have informed that “such a fact”.

Life clarifies that the Director of the school N45 in Krasnoyarsk was dismissed by order of the Ministry of education. “Because of the conflict between the students of the school decided to dismiss its Director,” confirmed the source site in the field of education.

Informed neighbors has committed a murder of a teenager said that he often behaved aggressively. His classmates have also reported that the teachers repeatedly took the boy’s cold arms.

We will remind, fight between several students in a school N45 occurred on 9 October. During the conflict, one of them pulled out a folding knife and stabbed in the chest of his opponent. The victim died from loss of blood, doctors were unable to help him. In the ensuing trial it became clear that the attacker is only 13 years old. Due to the fact that he has not reached the age of criminal responsibility (14 years), a criminal case against him was not instituted. The investigation was proposed to involve in administrative responsibility of the parents of the teenager and announced the intention to initiate the question of his isolation. It is established that on the account in police, the teenager was not involved. According to Life, he was appointed psychiatric examination.

They discussed different versions of what happened. On one of them, the cause of the conflict was expressed in the social networks an insult to the class teacher of the victim. On the other – the boys quarreled over posted songs on the social network, which contains insulting women of the word. Friends of students also told us that the conflict occurred because of the cartoons anime.

The incident – not only in the Krasnoyarsk region for the last month. The region has recorded several cases of stabbing with the participation of students, said RIA “Novosti”. So, October 17, 17-year-old in Shusha struck several blows with a knife 15-year-old student, from which he died. Earlier in October, the 12-year-old schoolgirl in Divnogorsk stabbed the two girls. The injuries were not serious.

Krasnoyarsk officials tasked to develop measures to prevent the Commission of crimes by teenagers

In connection with the recent incidents of authorities taking a number of measures to prevent the recurrence of similar incidents. So, earlier it was reportedthat in all the municipalities of the Krasnoyarsk region have been sent letters with recommendations for the prevention of crimes among teenagers.

All municipalities Department of education region recommended that schools check the organization of educational work, to take under special control in-school preventive care, organization of leisure of minors, to organize seminars-trainings for student leaders, school psychologists, social pedagogues in the resolution of conflicts, conduct parent meetings in which to pay special attention to the communication of children in social networks, carrying objects that could cause harm.

On October 21 the Governor of the region Victor Tolokonsky has held the interdepartmental meeting with the Ministers of the regional government and representatives of the law enforcement bodies of the region on prevention of child and adolescent aggression, according to the website of the regional administration. During the meeting, he called for a comprehensive study of the reasons of manifestation by pupils of aggression and to develop a set of measures to prevent unlawful behavior of minors. The appropriate reference given to the regional Ministry of education in collaboration with the Main Department of the MIA of Russia in Krasnoyarsk Krai and the leadership of the municipalities.

The head of the region noted that events of recent days related to offending cannot be attributed to the accident and “the region should learn a massive lesson from these tragic events.”

“Studying the causes of adolescent aggression, it is important to understand what is flawed schools that missed various state and municipal institutions responsible for education and youth work. The situation is very complicated and unusual, and we are fast and qualitative decision”, – said the Governor.

In turn, the Minister of education of region Svetlana Makovsky in his report cited several factors that contribute to teenagers committing illegal actions. These include the lack of skills in school students of conflict resolution and difficult situations, weak preventive work in educational institutions, “violent” computer games, hours spent finding children in social networks, the isolation of teenagers from the reality, and the lack of trust between parents and children, the weak control of the family, the absence of organized leisure of the child.

In Krasnoyarsk dismissed the Director of the school, where he continued to study 13-year-old killer 21.10.2016

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