In the North-East of Krasnoyarsk Krai in the cities and Kansk Lesosibirsk, as well as at the station Telicity and in the village of Malaya ket ‘ Birilyussy district on Wednesday, may 24, was burned over hundreds of houses. Revised data on the burned houses led the head of the regional government Viktor Tomenko at a meeting of the regional Commission on emergency situations, reports TASS.

“In Kansk suffered 51 building, one has died, woman. Identity is not yet established. In the village of Strelka burned down 30 houses at the moment. Malaya ket, according to preliminary information, burned 20 houses, but information is specified, connection is not there with them. Station Telicity – nine houses,” – said Tomenko” he said, adding that it was possible to lift in air the helicopter, which until dark can make one or two “spilling” of fires.

He noted that in Lesosibirsk fires houses managed to avoid, but suffered three companies – two sawmills, and warehouses near the river port in the city centre. They are mostly empty, said Tomenko.

In addition, in the village of Arrow burned the building housing the bakery. At the station Trichet also damaged the school building, he added. The number of affected residents is specified, said Tomenko. According to preliminary data, it is from 250 to 450 people.

Currently are the causes of the fires. In the residential sector they occurred, according to preliminary data, from the burning of garbage and grass in the backyard. Meanwhile, the website “Taiga. Info” with reference to the press service of the Siberian regional emergency center writes that in the Kansk Lesosibirsk, and the fire spread from the fires.

On the website it is noted that in Lesosibirsk fire covered two factories for the processing of wood in different areas of the city. The interlocutor of RIA “news” the emergencies Ministry said that in Lesosibirsk burning three private woodworking enterprises.

To extinguish employs about 60 people. The most difficult situation is in the neighborhood Abalakovskaya pass where the wind carries fall grass in the direction of the warehouse. Declared the plan “Typhoon”. From Krasnoyarsk to help the firefighters sent a detachment of 100 people.

According to local residents, in a residential complex of Lesosibirsk were the most affected village of Strelka, located on the territory of the city. Judging by the photos posted in the community “I live in Lesosibirsk”, buildings in the village are very tight, so the fire easily spread from home to home. Here burned 36 houses, a bakery and a garage complex.

“The fire is moving toward the motyginsky district. The wind is terrible. All hopes for rain,” wrote local resident Alina Markova in the community.
The arrival of additional fire units is only possible via ferry. “All efforts are focused on the protection of the nearest habitation, people have evacuated the area, information on victims did not arrive”, – specified in the regional emergency center.

The photos and video published in this community shows a strong smoke in different areas of the city, including on the Federal highway.

Video of fires published in the community “CHP Lesosibirsk”.

In Kansk killed one person, burned about 50 houses

Fires have covered other city of Krasnoyarsk – Kansk. As the head of the government of the Krasnoyarsk territory Viktor Tomenko during the meeting of the Commission for emergency situations, there is “one dead in the street Initiative”.

“On a street where there was a fire nine houses, the fire spread was stopped, firefighters are pouring areas for complete elimination. On the other street is still burning 14 structures for various purposes. Gusts of wind create problems for fire departments”, – said in the MOE.

However, as the message of the local TV channel “Lemon TV”, the fire spread faster than in the MOE reported about the fighting in Kansk without a roof over their head and property left more than 170 residents, the fire during the day destroyed more than 50 homes.

As noted, the fire was complicated by the strong wind. According to preliminary data, the fire was in the barn. In another part of the city source of the fire was dry grass.

Only in the street burned down 14 houses. “My girlfriend burned it all down, – said a resident of Kansk of Krasnoyarsk Inna edition “NGS.News”. – The husband of the house was with her daughter, the wife is at work. My husband had to call and say that the entire street was on fire. When we got there, there was nothing left. He’s barefoot, even. Documents only managed to take with me. Nothing else, everything burned. Need clothes, men, women, children… Now we have to work the money collected to the family apartment to rent. Now everyone is just in shock.”

A strong wind does not allow you to use aircraft. “At the slightest improvement of weather conditions to extinguish fires will be involved in three helicopter Mi-8 of EMERCOM of Russia. Ready is the amphibian be-200″, – reported in the Siberian center of MOE. Later in the service said that two helicopters had to use, despite the wind.

The fire spreads to other areas. As reported in the press service of the regional police, burned the dwellings in the village of Malaya ket ‘ Birilyussy district. Wildfire reached the Boguchansky district.

“After the complete elimination of fire causes and the culprits will be established by experts of fire supervision and the investigating authorities”, – said the Agency interlocutor. In Krasnoyarsk region the special fire-prevention mode which provides a complete ban on the use of open flames.

MOE had earlier announced a sharp deterioration of the fire situation in the region caused by hurricane wind and palom grass.

In Krasnoyarsk Krai, a fire destroyed dozens of homes, to fight the fire prevented the strong wind 24.05.2017

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