Residents of the village Motygino of Krasnoyarsk region picked up and sheltered the orphan chick, Flamingo, perishing from the cold. As reports TV channel “Yenisei”, freeze the tropical bird found on the Bank of Angara children.

At first the villagers thought it was some kind of Heron. What is the flamingos, they told the vets that the bird carried for inspection. The doctors stated that the bird is very weak but generally healthy. He now lives at the employee of the local municipality. Unusual pet called Bob. Fed it shrimp and bloodworms.

The condition of the bird has improved markedly. “Today, our Bob stood up and began briskly wings to flap and stroll! He umnichka! And a big fan of shrimp!” – shared the joyous news temporary mistress Anastasia Vasey Kvashnev. Her words quoted by the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

Since the bird is very fragile to stress, protect her from unwanted attention. However long to keep the bird in Motygino impossible. Shrimp are expensive. In addition, flamingos follow a special diet – a special additive. Depends on the color of the plumage.

Attention to the plight of flamingos drew and the head of the motyginsky district Alexey Hramtsov. He asked me to find a home for flamingos, posting a message on his page in Facebook.

“Friends, help Vasya to attach! Shrimp in Motygino in abundance not seen. Well, the budget, you know… then how to explain about flamingos! We are ready to deliver it! Though the ferry is no more. Sorry for the bird,” wrote Khramtsov.

According to the “enterprise”, now the issue of the transfer of birds to the Park “Roev Ruchey”, which has agreed to accept it. A preliminary agreement on the delivery of poultry in Krasnoyarsk on the airplane already. The flight is scheduled for next Friday.

In Motygino I hope that Basil will survive in Siberian conditions. After all, the last two stories with the salvation of flamingos in the Krasnoyarsk region (one found in the Evenk district, the other in the Turukhansk) ended in failure. Despite the efforts of rescuers, the birds died from injuries and frostbite.

Ornithologists say that pink Flamingo from the southern latitudes, but it is migratory birds. Through Siberia their route of seasonal migration in the countries of Central Asia and Iran. “It is possible that Flamingo was found much weaker and has strayed from the flock or lost with the migration path. When in Siberia, the bird is not found food, began to freeze and wilt. In this state her body was found,” – said the press Secretary of the Park “Roev Ruchey” Elena Shabanova.

In Krasnoyarsk region the residents of the sheltered of the freezing Flamingo Joe (VIDEO) 26.10.2016

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