In Krasnoyarsk on the night of November 22, unknown person on the Skoda staged a race chase by police and eventually crashed into a patrol car at the intersection. From the terrible side-impact police Ford Focus rolled head over heels, and one of the employees fell from the salon.

According to the regional interior Ministry, the incident resulted in two traffic police were injured and hospitalized, and the perpetrators fled. Presumably, these were drug addicts.

Skoda without state registration plates, followed by the inspectors had previously made an accident with two cars awaiting the change of the traffic signal at the intersection, said the interior Ministry. In the end, the Skoda driver and his passengers fled the scene. In their car was found “signs of drug use,” reads the message.

In the group “state of emergency in Krasnoyarsk,” the social network “Vkontakte” reported that the police began the pursuit of Skoda, who had a crossroads of streets of Marx and Perensona on forbidding signal of a traffic light and a collision with a police car happened at the intersection of Marx and Weinbaum.

The incident hit the lenses of the surveillance cameras, the footage appeared online.

On the night of the 15th of November in Krasnoyarsk at the intersection of the Runway and Spring faced policeman UAZ left on forbidding signal of the traffic lights and moving on green light passenger car, wrote the portal

On the Network posted a video of the accident shows that the police car went with included flashing beacons, and a foreign car has not managed to avoid collision and hit a UAZ in the side, causing him to turned 180 degrees.

In Krasnoyarsk the drug for Skoda staged a race with the police and eventually rammed the patrol car (VIDEO) 22.11.2016

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