In Krasnoyarsk school N32 outside the box came to the lessons of literary reading and introduced the subject “education of the fairy tale.” In the framework of the teacher “explain to children the compositional clarity of the works and also acquaint them with more complex works of literature”, report Sibnovosti with reference to the city hall.

After testing, which was conducted in the school, it became clear that the children do not know the contents and characters of fairy tales. 60% of the students have called their favorite characters fairies and transformers. I know the tales, less than half of children whose parents often read books.

The results of testing have prompted teachers to create the school atmosphere and fabulous hang-on cabinets portraits of children’s writers. Also in the educational institution was established miniscule acting.

“Our team agreed that the situation should be changed, because the tale is not just an entertaining read, and an important element of parenting. Serious sermons kids tire very quickly and are rarely effective. “Educating the tale” allows you to convey the necessary information in the most accessible, easy for kids understand. Fantastic stories teach children simple truths – not to offend the weak, to cheat, to be kind and helpful,” says the Director of the school N32 Tatiana Rudnev.

For the last academic year the students put on three plays based on fairy tales – “the Magic ring”, “the mansion” and “cat house”. The plans – “KONEK Gorbunok”, “puss in boots” and “the Fly-Tsokotuha”.

In Krasnoyarsk the school has introduced a compulsory subject “Education of a tale” 18.05.2017

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