Investigators of Krasnoyarsk has revealed the brutal murder of an elderly woman, committed in a communal apartment. As it turned out, the victim dealt with her young neighbour, whom the woman made a claim in connection with an immoral lifestyle.

Criminal punishment for a 25-year-old resident of Krasnoyarsk. After the arrest he confessed to the murder of a neighbor, reports the official website of GSU SK of the Russian Federation of Krasnoyarsk.

The investigation began after October 26, 2016, the investigating authorities have reported the disappearance of 56-year-old resident of Krasnoyarsk, which went to work by public transport and disappeared.

During the month investigators found out that the missing woman was a victim of his 25-year-old neighbor.

According to the preliminary version, the suspect and the victim, who lived in adjacent rooms in a communal apartment, have developed long-standing hostile relations. “The woman tried to raise her young neighbour and periodically accused him of parasitism, – stated in a press release. – When the day of the disappearance, she once again had a fight with a neighbor, and then he followed her to her room, hit a few times, and then strangled”.

Trying to hide traces of the crime, the man dragged the corpse of a woman-moralisti to the attic and proceeded to dismember him. Then he took out human remains on the territory of a Tire graveyard, where burned at the stake.

The detainee was charged with part 1 of article 105 of the criminal code (“Murder”). “In the near future the consequence of the court will be sent the petition for election concerning the detainee of a measure of restraint in the form detention experience”, concluded in GSU SK the Russian Federation.

In Krasnoyarsk the tenant communal dismembered neighbor, who scolded him for his laziness 22.11.2016

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