The police of Krasnoyarsk conducts proceedings on the fact of a scuffle, which occurred Wednesday in a residential complex “gremyachy log” in the Oktyabrsky district. There have been security guards of the house and the man who is found Smoking in a public place and disorderly conduct. Judging by the video, the fight is not seriously concerned with only the passing of a small dog, which eventually also got from the guards. Other witnesses of the conflict chose to remain on the sidelines.

The incident occurred near the house 2 on the street of the Academician Kirensky, is reported in group “PE Krasnoyarsk” the social network “Vkontakte”.

On video from a traffic camera shows how near one of the entrances, the guard stopped one of the two emerged from the house of men. One of them entered into dialogue with the security guard, and his companion hastened to retire.

After a few seconds of conversation, the man attacked the guard. A fight ensued, during which both parties fell on the pavement. To help the security guard ran to his partner.

This scene is watched with interest a girl in the picture pose near the entrance to the staircase. Other passers-by just going past without intervening events.


The only one caring and courageous creature, which responded to the disturbers of the tranquillity of the courtyard, turned out to be the dog breed decorative. An animal the size of a Dachshund bounced around lying on the asphalt of fighters, and at one point even jumped on the belly of the instigator of the brawl.

All the efforts of the dog to urge the parties to the conflict to order were in vain. Moreover, the pet itself was seriously damaged: one of the guards, whom the dog began to bother you with my fussy movements, with all his might struck him. The dog turned a somersault in the air and disappeared. Probably the impact of the employee chop completely repulsed the desire of the animal to show “civic responsibility”.

Getting rid of four-legged witness, the guards twisted the bully and gave him into the hands of the police, who prosecuted.

Judging by the comments to funny videos, the sympathy of Internet users is only the dog that “not indifferent to what is happening, for which he received”.

“All modern Genesis 48 seconds. Beat the lying, the dog went to the child, not giving signs of fear or surprise, exactly standing, a man passing by, if every day sees a picture. Laughed,” wrote one of the participants of the forum.

But the author posted the video thinks that there is only one truly violent scene, showing the violence against the dog. “On the 32-th second is strictly 18+! There inhumane treatment of animals,” warns the author.

In the HOA told about the causes of the conflict. The instigator of the brawl came to visit his friend living in this house.

“They got in the Elevator drunk, smoked, and then for some reason have to adjust the camera and broke it. Seeing that the image was gone, the guard reacted to this”, – quotes the comment of the staff of the HOA


When the guard made a remark to the young man, he responded with rudeness and began to dismiss his hands.

A second suspect in disorderly conduct in the Elevator disappeared. However, it is known that he resides in the eighth house entrance N2 on the street of the Academician Kirensky, and is an employee of the Railways. Previously, he has repeatedly violated public order (smoked in the Elevator, drank alcohol).


Previous violations information passed to law enforcement. At the moment, “addressed the issue of the direction of the understanding of the behavior of the citizen leadership of the organization in which he works”.

In Krasnoyarsk took VIDEO of security guards fight with smoker, tried to stop it, only “dog caring” 22.04.2016

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