The investigative Committee opened a criminal case in connection with death of 10-year-old resident of Kursk after made her a antibiotic injection. And this is the second such case in the Kursk this fall. However, unlike other similar tragediesthat have occurred after the treatment to doctors, in a new case unwitting perpetrators of the death of a child, presumably, became his family.

In the UK, the girl got sick colds, but her parents decided not to call the doctor and started self-treatment. 31 Oct grandma made her granddaughter intramuscular injection of antibiotic, and the child immediately became ill – vomiting began, the girl began to gasp and in a few minutes died.

According to the forensic examination, the cause of death was anaphylactic shock. The case was brought under part 1 of article 109 (“Causing death by negligence”) the criminal code of the Russian Federation. The investigation will establish the causes of a deadly reaction to the medication, and the perpetrators, notified in the UK.

This is the second such incident in the Kursk this fall – in September, six-year-old boy died after the injection of the antibiotic made by the mother. In this case, the course of treatment that included intramuscular injection of antibiotic, prescribed summoned to sick boy’s pediatrician, reported UK, which began pre-investigation checks into the death of a child.

According to authorities, the evening of 10 September, the mother made the son an injection of drugs, and in a few minutes the boy became ill, he started to choke. Relatives called the ambulance which brought the child to the hospital, where he died. Examination has established that in this case the death was caused by anaphylactic shock, informed the investigation.

In the end the investigators found no corpus delicti in this case the matter is not initiated. What kind of antibiotic was injected with two small smokers in the UK do not specify.

In Kursk, investigating the death of 10-year-old girl after the injection of antibiotic 03.11.2016

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