Police officers of Novokuznetsk, in the Kemerovo region detained a woman and her two accomplices, who are suspected in a series of thefts. Prey of criminals became a telephone cable. Because of the actions of thieves, some citizens have lost their connection.

The investigation began after the duty of the police Department “Ordzhonikidze” in Novokuznetsk asked the representative for a telecommunication company. “According to the Complainant, unknown stole telephone cable, leaving thereby without regard of citizens”, – informs the official website of the regional Moi.

Police officers identified the personality of suspects. They were two earlier judged locals 30 and 33 years, and their 37-year-old friend. The police arrested them red-handed during the Commission of another crime.

“The police have established the involvement of detainees to commit similar crimes 20. The total amount of the caused damage amounted to about 500 thousand rubles,” – said in a press release. The stolen cable, the robbers handed over in point of reception of scrap metal, and collected about 50 thousand rubles.

A criminal case was opened under part 2 St. 158 criminal code (“Theft”). Bold “scrap metal collectors” faces a sentence of five years imprisonment.

Meanwhile, a serial burglar was arrested in Anzhero-Sudzhenskiy urban Okrug. Criminal punishment threatened earlier repeatedly judged the unemployed 33-year-old local resident. Police found his involvement in the committing 17 thefts from shops.

“The attacker admitted that he often stole food and alcohol, as well as small appliances that could easily fit in his bag or package,” – said in Moi. The total damage has exceeded 20 thousand roubles.

Action shoplifter was recorded by surveillance cameras located in the sales area.

The detainee is charged under article 158.1 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“Petty theft committed by a person subjected to administrative punishment”). Man faces one year imprisonment. During the investigation he was remanded in custody.

A repeat offender robbed a mother and grandfather

Kiselevsky city court of the Kemerovo region has pronounced a sentence on criminal case about theft of property from the woman and her father. As it turned out, the crime was committed by the grandson of the victim.

The investigation began after the duty of the police Department “Red stone” OMVD Russia’s Kiselevsk turned 80-the summer pensioner and his 45-year-old daughter. They said that night they were attacked by 22-year-old woman’s son.

Police found that the malefactor in a state of intoxication rushed into the apartment where at the time were his grandfather, mother and younger brother, four. The assailant struck the mother’s head on the wall, put a knife to her throat and shouted death threats. He demanded that the woman has collected, and brought him his clothes.

“While the woman was looking for things, and began to cry her youngest son. The malefactor demanded that he stopped crying, otherwise threatened to kill him, and then ran to mother and grandfather, holding a knife to his face, began to demand money,” – said in a press release from police. Retired took out a purse of 1,000 rubles and gave it to his grandson, after which he disappeared.

After the arrest the suspect was placed into custody. A month before the robbery, relatives of the man stole 10 thousand rubles, which his grandfather had hidden under the mattress.

The offender was charged with part 2 of article 158 (“Theft”), part 1 of article 119 (“Threat by murder” – two episodes) and part 2 of article 162 (“Robbery”) criminal code. The court sentenced him to 6.5 years in a General regime colony.

In Kuzbass the kidnappers of the telephone cable has left residents without regard 02.10.2017

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