In Kyrgyzstan detained the gunman, who participated in military actions in Syria and planned the attack on the territory of CIS on may 9 during Victory Day celebrations, reports “Interfax” with reference to the press service of the State Committee for national security (SCNS) of the Republic.

The arrest took place yesterday in the framework of counter-terrorism measures on suppression of channels of penetration of the militants of the international terrorist organizations on the territory of the Republic. Action movie – 1994 year of birth, native of the Osh region in southern Kyrgyzstan, said the spokesman.

“It is established that the detainee was recruited in 2013 and transferred to Syria where he joined armed groups and
participated in the fighting in Syria. It is also established that the arrested person personally participated in the mass held by militants
executions of prisoners”, – stated in the message.

In the secret service claim that in February 2016 after additional training, the detainee received a mission to commit a terrorist act on the territory of CIS, in the period
the celebration of Victory Day. The detainee is placed in a detention facility of the national security Committee initiated a criminal case.

Note that the older brother suspect
in preparation of a terrorist attack in St. Petersburg Abror Azimov, Akram, deported in April from Osh and detained for complicity in the attack, and relatives, secure in his innocence, argue that it was an organized SCNS kidnapping. In the Kyrgyz intelligence Agency from the comments abstained.

Akram Asimov was deported from Osh airport to Moscow, where the day before stood in front of the Basmanny court. In court, he not pleaded guilty, that did not prevent the judge Elena Lena to arrest him until June 3.

The investigative Committee found out that Akram Asimov was contacted by a suicide bomber in Akbarzada by Jalilova and transferred to him the money received from the member of the international terrorist organization, and was engaged in falsification of documents to members of this organization were able to move freely on the territory of Russia.

3 April as a result of the explosion
homemade bombs in the train station in St. Petersburg killed 14
people, more than 50 were injured. The investigators believe that the bomb
blew up a suicide bomber, a native of Kyrgyzstan, Akbarian Jalilov.

On 17 April, the FSB announced that the suspect in the preparation of
suicide 26-year-old Abror Azimov detained
in the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region. On the eve of the Basmanny court of Moscow
sent him under arrest until the beginning of June. It asserts that Abror
was preparing Jalilova.

In Kyrgyzstan detained the insurgent who planned the attack in CIS on Victory Day 21.04.2017

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