The government of Latvia approved amendments to the law on education, which called for the immediate dismissal of a teacher or school leaders who are disloyal to the country and Constitution, reports DELFI.

The new rules also include a ban on work on a specialty within 5 years, teachers who received a “black mark”. How disloyalty can be interpreted and actions of teachers who “in the course of the educational process form the wrong attitude towards self, others, work, nature, culture, society and the state.”

“Disloyal to Latvia, the teacher, the purpose of which is to undermine the state, at the time when the inspector is in the classroom, will all as needed. But there are tools that allow you to understand the difference between “front” and the real situation in the school. This would require amendments”, – explained the Minister of education and science Karlis Sadurskis.

At the same time developed by the Ministry of education and science amendments to the law on education provides for specific order of evaluation of the loyalty of teachers. As explained Sadurskis, “in such a delicate matter as education and training, often we will not be able to find such a precise language, as in physics or mathematics”, reports Mixnews.

The Minister added that the State service of education quality (gsco) is already working with all the statements that come from schools, parents and students. To mention the fact that now the teachers are at risk, Sadurskis said that, first and foremost, you need to think about students, because “even one disloyal teacher can ruin the lives of dozens of young people.”

“We have requirements on how to teach mathematics, but, of course, in the education of youth is not so clearly draw the boundaries. But we follow the order of gsco. We also have the basic principles of educational work and the rules governing the activities of gsco. We’ll save resources and the security police, and state police,” added the Minister.

Taken by the government amendments now pending consideration by the Sejm. After that, the document for its entry into force shall be signed by the head of state.

In Latvia will dismiss disloyal teachers and school Directors 04.10.2016

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