The 90th season of the Moscow theatre “Lenkom” the premiere is preparing the first – stage version of two novels of Vladimir Sorokin “Day guardsmen” and “Tellurium”.

As described artistic Director of the theatre, people’s artist of the USSR mark Zakharov, took almost 10 years for staging the play entitled “Day of the Oprichnik”. His first shows will take place on November 30, 3 and 9 Dec.

All the previous week, the performances in the theater we weren’t on the scene preparing to release “Day of the Oprichnik”, reports TASS. “We really work to a hard schedule, rehearsing every day from morning till late evening,” said mark Zakharov, confirming the fact that the idea of staging nurtured for nearly a decade.

Earlier the Director said that immediately after the publication in 2006 of the novel Sorokin “Day guardsmen” he decided to make his stage version, but then to implement his plan failed.

According to Zakharov, to complete the staging of the play, he managed recently. It is based on the novel “Day oprichnika”, supplemented by some episodes from the novel “Telluria”, the plot also included some fantasies and add, said the Director. He expressed gratitude to Vladimir Sorokin for the fact that he was given the opportunity to dispose of their works.

“In the subtitle of the play we says: “Dystopia. The action takes place 100 years after the premiere,” informed mark. He believes Sorokin “the successor of Gogol tradition, with special humor, which can sometimes be called black, and sarcasm is a juicy, expressive, unpredictable.”

According to Zakharov, the ambiguous attitude to the work of Sorokin is because the writer “reveals the secrets of human existence, not fearing the dark sides”. “However, I think that the humor, the grotesque and sarcasm, which are stuffed with the works of Sorokin, especially those taken as the starting material, will cause a healthy laugh, and he compensates for the lack of positive events and characters,” – said Zakharov.

In the play busy star cast “Lenkom”. The performers will act Leonid Bronevoy, Victor Rakov, Alexander Zakharov, Sergey Stepanchenko, Dmitry Pevtsov, Victor Verzhbitsky, Tatyana Kravchenko, Aleksandr Sirin, Ivan Agapov, Vladimir Yumatov, Anton Shagin and a large group of young people.

In “Lenkom” the premiere of the 90th of the season – “Day of the Oprichnik” by Vladimir Sorokin, which was prepared 10 years 28.11.2016

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