In Lipetsk has immortalized the memory of the soldier Oleg Peshkov, who was tragically killed in November last year, when his plane was shot down by Turkish air force on the border with Syria. His name appeared on the stele of the monument to the fallen pilots on the square Aviators, reported on the official website of the city administration.

With the corresponding initiative to the head of the Lipetsk asked the new chief of the local aviation center, honored military pilot of Russia, major-General Yuri Sushkov. The day before, according to the mayor of the city Sergei Ivanov, surname and initials Peshkova appeared on the plate next to the names of the perished airmen.

A plaque to the memory of pilot have appeared in the village of Kosikha at Barnaul, where Peshkov was born and raised. School in Lipetsk region, where children of the hero, and where he acted on the lessons of courage, has the name of the pilot. Students of the Altai boarding school with initial flight training will receive a scholarship named after Peshkov, reminds RIA “Novosti”.

In addition, in the Suvorov military school in Yekaterinburg the name Peshkov, a graduate of the 1987 plan forever to include in the list of personnel. This means that in school he will have a bed on it run cap and a sign with the description of the feat. On each evening roll call will sound the name of the tragically deceased pilot.

In June of this year in the Amur region on Russia Day, was opened the monument to Oleg Peshkov. The four-meter monument on the sketch of the head of the regional electoral Commission were cast in the Chelyabinsk region, as established in a military unit in Vozjaevka where the pilot served seven years.

Peshkova bust on a pedestal “cuts” the broken line, symbolizing the interrupted flight. On the memorial plaque next to the name of the Hero of Russia the words: “the pilot-the sniper was killed in the line of duty in Syria.”

Peshkov was piloting the bomber su-24, carrying out flight in the North of Syria near the border with Turkey on 24 November last year. He was shot down by a missile fired by a fighter jet of the Turkish air force. The crew managed to eject, but Peshkova fired from the ground. The Navigator was able to save during a ground RAID – then killed Alexander Pozynich marine.

Turkey claimed that the su crossed the air border, and the rocket it was released when he was in the sky of Turkey. The Russian defense Ministry insisted that the incident was over Syrian territory.

In Lipetsk on the monument to perpetuate the memory of the deceased in Syria, pilot Oleg Peshkov 21.10.2016

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