In the Lipetsk region, the investigators of the TFR has finished investigation of criminal case against the spouses Valentina and Denis Savinovich accused of torture, rape and murder of a young child.

As reports the website of the Investigative Committee, last year the husband and wife have adopted five-year-old pupil of the correctional boarding school of the Voronezh region. “The girl was lagging behind in development, and instead to adapt education in accordance with its psychological features, the accused cruelly beat the child for a long time. And used handy tools: a basin, a rope, a wooden stick,” – said in the message.

Forensic experts found the body of a girl traces from more than 60 effects, with half of them – the scars the prescription from two weeks to several months before death. Besides, the girl had been sexually abused.

The cause of death of adopted girl became a combined injury to the body, complicated by acute blood loss and damage to internal organs. It is known that she was fading with each passing day, however, adoptive parents have sought medical help only when it ceased to give life signs.

Wife Savinova on the first interrogation confessed and told about his methods of “education”. Forensic examination confirmed their sanity and awareness of actions.

Criminal case is directed to court for consideration on the merits. In respect of the responsible persons of the guardianship, not to check properly the conditions of residence of the child in a foster family, a criminal case under article “Negligence”. The investigators initiated a recognition illegal decisions about adoption accused the murdered girl.

In Lipetsk region will be judged adoptive parents, raped, tortured and murdered a five year old girl 11.10.2016

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