The police of the Lipetsk opened a criminal case against already dismissed kindergarten employee, the suspect in the brutal treatment of wards. According to preliminary data, the woman struck the child injury in the head. Herself she was justified, that only took scamp’s ear, but not beat him. Now the woman is threatened with real term of imprisonment.

Information about beating a five-year pupil of the preparatory group of the kindergarten appeared in the press, after which the Prosecutor of left-Bank district of Lipetsk had conducted an audit. “It is established that Junior kindergarten teacher N42 1 August 2017 caused the child’s injuries as abrasions on his cheek and the ear”, – informs the official website of the regional Supervisory authority.

The tutor group “has not had a child first aid, did not report the incident to the head of the kindergarten and has not informed the parents of the child.”

As clarified the Agency Gorod48, a child ill-treated 36-year-old nurse Olga Samolyuk, worked in preschools in the street of the Admiral Makarov.

According to the suspect, after Breakfast, the children drank kefir and routinely began to put their chairs in rows of cots. “And this boy has his own chair is not removed. He began to indulge in, to tumble on the floor,” explained Olga.

To the comments the child did not react. “Then I took him by the ear. Just take and not give a hard time,” said the nurse.

Evening for the victims grandmother came. The grandson told her that he was beat up by a nanny. Grandma threatened the employee of the kindergarten that the next such incident to the police.

“Maybe I’m a boy, accidentally hooked a nail”

The next day the suspect was summoned to the juvenile division where interviewed. “I told the police. Yeah, I grabbed the child by the ear. And when I came back after interrogation at work, I learned that the fired for,” said Olga Samolyuk, have lost earnings at 7,800 rubles per month.

We will add that the woman was dismissed in the 81st article of the Labor code.

“I have the ear of the child is not twisted, the boy didn’t. Maybe I accidentally caught a fingernail. And they examination some made” – justified by the nurse, which actually issued a “wolf ticket”.

According to Olga, the hero of her misadventures growing in a single parent family without a father. In kindergarten he would often show up with bruises and said that just dropped. Among peers, the boy “behaved inappropriately”, says fired nanny: “Often lay on the floor and on the ground while walking, and in any weather”.

After the incident, the kindergarten administration, a Commission was established to investigate the “accident” child, and “adopted other measures aimed at preventing such incidents,” said the Prosecutor’s office.

“However, the conflict was the result of weakening control over the activities of subordinate employees by the responsible officials of a facility, insufficient work on the creation of emotionally positive climate in the institution, interaction with the parent asset”, – added in Prosecutor’s office.

During public Prosecutor’s check the parents of other pupils of the same group confirmed that younger caregivers often behaved harshly towards the children.

The Department of inquiry UMVD of Russia across the Lipetsk against the younger of the teacher criminal case under article 156 of the criminal code (“Improper execution of duties on education minor teaching employee of an educational organization, obliged to supervise a minor if the act is connected to cruel treatment of minors”). It provides for punishment up to three years of imprisonment.

By order of the Department of education of administration of Lipetsk, head of the kindergarten disciplined.

By results of check addressed to the chair of the Department of education of administration of Lipetsk and the head of the kindergarten, the Prosecutor made a submission to eliminate violations of the Federal law dated 29.12.2012 No. 273-F3 “On education in Russian Federation”.

The nanny “the baby didn’t hit, but exceeded the powers”

In the kindergarten Junior teacher Olga Samolyuk worked since may 2014. “Her activities were no complaints. In the group was always clean. Was the procedure. And here such a case!” – says head of the garden Lydia Ostapenko.

In her words, “to rein in a rambunctious child,” was the teacher, not the nurse who is only responsible for the hygienic condition of the group.

Ostapenko emphasized that the nurse didn’t hit the child, but exceeded his job responsibilities.

“She’s a nurse, and intervened in the educational process. Accidentally or not – this question will answer law enforcement authorities”, – said the Chairman of the Department of education of the mayoralty Alexander Mochalov.

In Lipetsk the employee of the kindergarten, “took” the child’s ear, faces three years in prison 30.08.2017

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