The United States demanded that the Lithuanian explanations in connection with the sale by local authorities of American sniper rifles M14 donated by Washington of the Lithuanian army in 1999.

s=”maintext”>As the portal Delfi, the first military upgraded weapons and used it for several years, but then decided to abandon it, after which rifle fell to the weaponry Fund under the control of the interior Ministry.

The Fund sold the rifle at a price 347,54 euros apiece to private collectors. The real cost of such weapons is much higher – about 25 thousand euros, told reporters one of the eight buyers – member of the Riflemen’s Union Darius, Cekanauskas.

The sales process happened freely via the Internet. The acting head of the Armory Foundation Jonas Salvius said that the decision to sell was made by the interdepartmental Commission, which was also the representative of the Ministry of defense. In turn, the Minister of defence of Lithuania Juozas Olekas was not able to explain how donated Lithuania, the weapons were sold.

That the donated rifles sold, the Americans found out by accident, then went to Lithuania with an official request. Learning that rifle really sold it, the US demanded them back from private collections in the Lithuanian army. It turned out that according to the agreement signed between Lithuania and the United States in 2002, such a weapon can not be sold.

The weaponry Fund asked the customers to return their rifles, promising in exchange to return the money. Five customers subject to the requirement, the other three, including Cekanauskas, refused to do so. Because to resolve the situation peacefully failed, the weaponry Fund has appealed to Vilnius district court with the request to recognize the transaction for the sale of rifles illegal.

M14 is an American semi-automatic rifle, developed in the late 50-ies. More than 10 years (1959-1970 years) she was the main weapon of the us army, after which it was replaced by M16 automatic rifle. However, the M14 remains in service of the marine corps and the U.S. Navy, and the armies of other States.

In Lithuania donated US rifles sold for a pittance 15.11.2016

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