In the parliamentary elections in Lithuania won the farmers Union, and green (LVZS), led by Ramunas Karbauskis, reports BNS. According to the Agency, “farmers” won in 36 constituencies in the new Parliament they will get 56 seats.

Second place was taken by the Union of Fatherland – Christian Democrats of Lithuania (TS-LKD), by a small margin ahead of “farmers” in the first
round. The Union of the Fatherland in the diet will be 31 representative.

In third place was the head of the current government Social democratic party of Lithuania, which had the largest number
mandates in the final work of the Sejm. The representatives of party – 17 seats.

The liberal movement in the diet won 14 seats, eight seats went to the Electoral action of poles in Lithuania and the party “Order and justice”. As one of the representatives of the party !Order and justice” ran in the Sejm as a candidate, most of
all PS will be nine deputies in the Parliament, said “Interfax”.

Two further mandate was received by the labour Party (the labour party), one of the Lithuanian green party, the centre Party and the party “Lithuanian list”. Another mandate was received by the representative of the labour Party, the independent candidate Darius Kaminskas.

In the Lithuanian Seimas 141 – people’s representatives are elected for
four years in single-member and multi-member districts by secret ballot
in direct elections, a mixed system.

On 9 October in the first round were elected 70 MPs in multi-mandate
the County and three of the MP in single-member districts. 23 Oct
86 elected members of the Seimas in single-member districts.

The Saeima of the new convocation shall hold the first meeting within 15
days after the parliamentary election, preliminary date of the first session
10 Nov. The first session of the diet convened by the President.

In Lithuania parliamentary elections won by the Union of farmers and green 24.10.2016

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