In Lithuania, the Vilnius district court on Friday, October 28, admitted three former Soviet OMON – Russian citizens Andrey Laktionova, Czeslaw Mlynnik and Aleksandr Ryzhov – guilty of the murder of the Lithuanian officials on checkpoint “Medininkai” border with Belarus in 1991, reports “Interfax”. “The accusations are completely confirmed,” the judge said Jolanta Capucine.

As the portal Delfi, the court satisfied the claim of office of public Prosecutor and has sentenced Russians to life imprisonment and ordered to pay state 653 850 euros of damage and hundreds of thousands in compensation to the relatives of those killed.

The conviction was announced without presence of the accused because they are not involved in the meetings in Lithuania. Russia refuses to extradite them, but the Lithuanian laws in certain cases allow to consider case without the presence of the accused.

The verdict is not final and can be appealed within 20 days to the court of Appeal of Lithuania.

Defenders asked to justify the defendants, if their guilt is proven, and if it is, then the admission of guilt to elect a more lenient punishment than that offered by prosecutors. The state office of public Prosecutor asked to recognize all the accused guilty and punish them with life imprisonment.
At punishment, the Prosecutor, the Prosecutor Saulius Verseckas, said that officials at the checkpoint in Medininkai were killed during continued military aggression, riot police violated the laws and customs of war, has carried out crimes against peace and humanity within the jurisdiction of the Nuremberg Tribunal.

According to Verseckas, though at that time Lithuania was not provided responsibility for crimes against humanity, has acted rules of international law providing for liability for such crimes. Defendants knew and were aware of the policy implemented by the Soviet Union.


These events occurred at a time of worsening relations between Moscow and Vilnius, which declared the restoration of Lithuania’s independence from the Soviet Union.

July 31, 1991 on the border of Lithuania and Belarus at the village Medininkai were killed and seven were on duty people: customs officers Antanas Musteikis, Stanislovas, Orlavicius, a team of special forces Aras Algimantas Juozakas, Mindaugas Balavakas, the traffic police Juozas Janonis and Algirdas Kazlauskas. August 2, died in hospital wounded police officer Richardas rebelious has. The only survivor seriously injured, the former customs officer Tomas Šernas.

Lithuanian prosecutors believe that the crime was committed by a group of three employees of the Riga OMON, which was Mikhailov, Laktionov and Ryzhov, on the orders of his commander Czeslaw Mlynnik. Mikhailov, in 2007, was detained in Latvia and handed over to Lithuania, in may 2011 he was sentenced to life imprisonment. Other suspects Russia refused to give.

Lithuania has repeatedly claimed for compensation from Russia for the deaths, setting the example of Germany, which “compensates for the other peoples of what was done decades ago.”

To recognize three riot police suspects and bring the case to court was possible, when in December 2010 in Lithuania adopted amendments to the Criminal procedural and Criminal codes on the application of criminal liability for crimes against humanity and war crimes. These amendments provided for the possibility of the end of the pretrial investigation without the participation of the suspects in the process. Case Mlynnik, Mikhailov, and Ryzhov was taken to court in December 2013.

In Lithuania, three former Soviet OMON was sentenced in absentia to life in prison for the murder of officials at a checkpoint in 1991 28.10.2016

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