British authorities arrested 41-year-old man after he illegally climbed over the fence of Buckingham Palace. The incident occurred last night, while the man managed to hold in a protected area of about seven minutes before he was arrested, reports Sky News.

He is currently in custody on suspicion of trespassing on a protected object. The commander of the unit of Scotland Yard, which is involved in the protection of Buckingham Palace, Adrian Asher has expressed satisfaction that the security system worked effectively and none of that time was not exposed to any risk.

According to journalists, in the time of the incident with Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip was in the Palace and they were promptly informed about the incident. It is expected that on Thursday the British Queen will be present in the garden of Buckingham Palace for the official reception.

In law enforcement bodies of great Britain stressed that penetrated into the territory of Royal residence, the man was not armed and the guards didn’t have to use the existing armed with tasers for his arrest.

In April of this year at Buckingham Palace the deception managed to get the musicians from British band Cat’s Eyes. There they took part in the concert of ancient music. In order to get on the stage, punk rockers posed as members of the ensemble, performing music of the Renaissance. They performed a song called ” We’ll Be Waiting.

In London arrested a man, who managed to enter the territory of Buckingham Palace 19.05.2016

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