Yesterday evening, 8 November, London hosted a reception charity cooperation Ireland, which was attended by the Queen of England and the Duke of Edinburgh. One of the highlights of the event was the presentation of the portrait of Elizabeth II, created by the artist from Northern Ireland, Colin Davidson.

The BBC reminds that the Irish painter famous for his portraits of prominent public figures, including politicians, artists, actors and musicians. For example, a portrait of German Chancellor Angela Merkel got on the cover of Time magazine. He created paintings are easily recognizable due to the characteristic sharp strokes and delicate play with light.

Despite extensive experience, Davidson admitted the BBC that the work on the portrait of the Queen was unique. “This is probably the most famous person in the world, and so for the past 63 years,” he explained.

The idea of the portrait originated in 2012, when Her Majesty paid a historic visit to Belfast. Then in the Lyric theatre, the Queen and the Deputy first Minister of Northern Ireland Martin McGuinness first shook hands. The theatre was exhibited several paintings of Davidson, and the artist took the opportunity to show their monarch.

In subsequent years, he says, continued hard work. First of all, Davidson visited Buckingham Palace and chose the room in which “the light was particularly good”: the yellow drawing-room, where, note, created most of the official portraits of the Queen.

During subsequent meetings with the Elizabeth II portrait made about 20 sketches and a series of photographs. He admitted to reporters that the pictures proved to be very important when creating a portrait: “They reflect what I felt then, as the camera gave just freeze-frame”.

He finished working on a painting in her Studio in County Down. Now Davidson admits that sees his role as a “symbol” of the Queen’s role in the establishment of close relations between Britain and Ireland.

“It’s not just my vision of the Queen, this vision of the Irish Queen,” he says.

Colin Davidson was born in Belfast in 1968, graduated from the University of Ulster with a degree designer. In the early stages of his artistic career was known as a landscape painter, glorifying his hometown. Portraits carried away after 2010.

In London unveiled a new portrait of Elizabeth II by artist from Northern Ireland 09.11.2016

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