In the USA there have been mass arrests of protesters against the election of Donald trump to President. The police detained demonstrators in Los Angeles, the largest metropolis of California, which in the election actively supported Hillary Clinton. According to the Los Angeles Times, held 150 people. Protests against the election trump continued since the announcement of the election results on 9 November. Reuters suggests that Saturday will go to the streets tens of thousands of people.

In Los Angeles, the demonstrations continued the whole night: protesters gathered in the city’s Grand Park, marched through the streets to city hall, then returned. The demonstration, attended by up to 3,000 people, was largely peaceful, although one of the protesters vandalized a police car with spray paint. The police began to urge the crowd to disperse and threatened to use “lethal force”.

When the crowd returned to the Park, the police again asked demonstrators to disperse. They refused. After that, the police surrounded the activists, and did not let anyone out of the ring. One of the guards said that they “had a chance” to disperse, and now no one goes home.

LAPD shrinking the perimeter and blocking people from jumping the fence. Not sure what the plan is here.

In Los Angeles arrested hundreds protesting against trump, including man-the wall 12.11.2016

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