In the state of Louisiana in the United States charged black man, who is suspected of petty theft. Prey became the attacker Snickers chocolate bars, writes The Advocate.

American justice system, guided by local laws, to sentence 34-year-old accused Jacobi Grimes to imprisonment for life. And the minimum punishment will be 20 years in prison.

As follows from the materials of the criminal case, 9 December 2015 at approximately 14:30 Grimes was shoplifting at the Dollar General store on South Claiborne Avenue in New Orleans. Stolen sweets he stuffed in his pockets, but was caught red-handed.

When the suspect was detained, revealed that he has five times been convicted of theft. However, in all cases it was relatively minor damage in the range of $ 500. In the fifth episode (in 2010) prey the thief became pants and socks.

For these crimes, the total Grimes was in prison for almost nine years. In August 2013 he was released on PAROLE, and in February 2014 he was cleared of the last conviction. Almost two years jakobie lived, not transgressing the law.

However, during the punishment serving Grimes has committed two offences: trying to sell fake drugs and dirty swearing.

Last week, speaking in court, Grimes refused to admit guilt in a curious stealing chocolate bars. Persistence of the suspect is clear, because the stakes are very high and he may never be released.

On the severity of the law drew the attention of even the judge who will sentence Grimes. “It’s not funny. 20 years of imprisonment or a life sentence behind bars-“Snickers”, – with bitterness says the case judge Franz Zibilich.

Additionally, in Louisiana for 30 years, there has been a special lawgoverning the principles of punishment for hardened criminals (Habitual offender law). In the third Chapter of this document States that for the fourth and each subsequent offense a hardened felon sentenced to 20 years in prison minimum. And the maximum punishment may not exceed a life sentence.

If not for this unfortunate law, “the sweet tooth” Grimes for stealing chocolate bars would have risked two years in prison.

According to lawyers, Grimes graduated nine classes. He is also a drug addict heroin.

Human rights defenders also believed that “Grimes case” shows that in Louisiana it is time to reform the justice system. In their view, should pay more attention to the rehabilitation programmes for prisoners, not severe penalties for relapse. This view was expressed by the Director of the organization U. S. Justice Action Network Holly Harris.

Currently, Grimes released on bail of five thousand dollars. From trial by jury, he refused.

It is noteworthy that the press in Louisiana is called “the world capital of the prisons”. In 2012, New Orleans newspaper The Times-Picayune wrote that this state is the record for percentage of citizens being thrown in prison (1619 people for every 100 thousand inhabitants). This was higher than similar data for Iran, China and Germany on five, 13 and 20 times, respectively, writes ThinkProgress.

Note also that the average for the States in prisons there are 730 prisoners for every 100 thousand people, and in Russia – 525 prisoners.

The Times-Picayune also claimed that a large number of forced laborers is an important factor in the functioning of the economy of Louisiana. If the influx of new prisoners will stop, it will bankrupt the whole industry capitalization of $ 182 million.

It is also known that every year the maintenance of one prisoner authorities in Louisiana spend $ 800 18.

In Louisiana the African American who stole the Snickers bars cost a dollar 31, faces life term 04.04.2016

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