In Magadan the day before unknown persons desecrated the monument “Mask of sorrow”, dedicated to the memory of victims of political repression. The vandals left on the memorial inscription “Stalin is alive!” in several places and drew a five-pointed star. Magadan police are checking on the fact of defilement. After the incident, local authorities are considering to install surveillance cameras near the monument.

Judging by the photos desecrated the memorial, spread in social networks, vandals painted the sculpture red spray paint. Unknown left on the monument the inscription “Stalin is alive!”, as well as a five-pointed star that was the symbol of the red army and was present on the flag and emblem of the USSR.

Local police on the given fact check by which results will be a procedural decision, reported news Agency MagadanMedia in a press-service UMVD of Russia in the Magadan region. The details of the incident in law enforcement are not told.

In Magadan memorial in memory of victims of political repression defiled by the words “Stalin is alive!” 01.12.2016

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