In the capital of Dagestan, Makhachkala, the police dispersed on Lenin square a rally of residents of the city, demanding after the mass poisoning of drinking water to deal with sanitary situation and to solve some other social problems, reports the edition “Chernovik”.

Initially, the police herded the protesters at the monument to Lenin, located at the entrance to the city hall building, and then dispersed most of them, the newspaper writes. The correspondent of the”Open Russia” reported that as soon as the cops leave from Lenin square, on her return, protesters, and people become more.

According to estimates of “Draft” came to the area about 100 people, dissatisfied with the situation in the city. According to the newspaper “Novoye Delo”, the protesters were about 200 police broke up only “most active”. “Open Russia” have counted about 300 people, and if at first protested, mostly women, then joined more men.

One activist was taken away in a police car. Footage of the arrest and of the scuffle, taken by one of the participants of the protest appeared on YouTube. The crowd are chanting to the police: “Shame” and “Release”; one of the women shouts: “because his child is sick, poisoned, why are you taking him?”

Among the claims of the protesters, in addition to the quality of drinking water was deteriorating sanitary condition of the city, the strike of drivers of minibuses, low salaries, corruption in the courts and other spheres. Citizens demanded the resignation of the mayor of Makhachkala, Musa Musayev. The Network has a video where the crowd are chanting: “resign!”

“We are not in the middle ages and not going to put up with this forever. Let him turn his face to his people” – leads the “New business” the words of the protesters. “Dear oligarchs, dear officials, you will have enough to eat. 50% give people,” demanded one of the townswomen to the applause of the audience.

To the protesters left the mayor’s office, who agreed to hold talks. Five of negotiators entered the building administration. At the end of the conversation, according to the “New case”, the activists took officials promise to release the detained protesters. They reserve the right to re-enter the rally in two weeks if problems persist. The protesters also decided to create an initiative group, which will determine and konkretisiert demands to the authorities.

At the same time, the Russian theatre in Makhachkala passed another rally – the mother of the missing over the last six months young people from Makhachkala, Khasavyurt and Kaspiysk demanded from law enforcement agencies to provide them with information on the whereabouts of the disappeared and of the charges against them.

Seven of them disappeared in the period from June to October, 2016, with one person reported missing in June 2013, the two disappeared from March to may 2012, and another young man went missing in 2009. Four of them disappeared in Kaspiysk, four – in Khasavyurt. Also, two people disappeared in Makhachkala, another one in the novolak district of Dagestan. Relatives suspectthat they were abducted by security officers.

In Makhachkala was hospitalized 364 people with symptoms of acute intestinal infection, of which 265 were children. In fact the mass poisoning of inhabitants of the city drinking water of the TFR in Dagestan opened a criminal case under part 1 of article 238 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“Rendering services not meeting safety requirements”). According to investigators, preliminary cause of poisoning could be a contaminated drinking water supply in houses on the water supply.

In Rospotrebnadzor explainedthat chemical water pollution was not, there were bacterial and viral contamination due to the fact that the water was not enough prokaryotae. In Dagestan to assist the Republican doctors were sent to specialists infectious disease specialists from Moscow and St. Petersburg.

In Makhachkala dispersed a rally of the citizens, dissatisfied with the poisoning of water and the work of the municipality as a whole 31.10.2016

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