On the square in Makhachkala, on 11 October, rally of relatives of young men who disappeared in various districts of Dagestan, according to local newspaper “Chernovik”. According to the”Caucasian knot”, came to the area about 40 people. The Prosecutor and the head of Dagestan took on control investigation of criminal case about the disappearance of people, but their location is still not installed. Relatives suspect that they were abducted by security officers.

The square came the relatives of the ten young people. Seven of them disappeared in the period from June to October, 2016, with one person reported missing in June 2013, the two disappeared from March to may 2012, and another young man went missing in 2009. Four of them disappeared in Kaspiysk, four – in Khasavyurt. Two people went missing in Makhachkala, another one in the novolak district of Dagestan.

People were holding pictures of their missing relatives and demanded a meeting with the authorities. It went to Deputy Prime Minister of Dagestan Ramazan Jafarov and said that on the facts of disappearances has been prosecuted, and that we are searching for the missing.

As reports the edition “Novoye Delo”, the investigator in the case of the missing residents of Dagestan went into Chechnya for the inspection of the bodies of those killed in the RAID, which took place on 9 October. During a RAID in Chechnya were killed 8 suspected militants. Machines, which were lost, burned in a shootout. The interior Ministry said that the identities of the militants are not installed, because the bodies were burned. To identify them will require DNA analysis. The Agency, citing the Dagestan colleagues noted that the destroyed group was planning attacks on the territory of Chechnya. Investigators do not exclude that the missing could be in the machines.

The father of one of the missing told to the correspondent “Draft” that went to Chechnya. According to him, his son, might be found in the burned in the RAID of October 9 machines.

In Makhachkala, relatives of kidnapped Dagestani held a rally 12.10.2016

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