In the capital of Dagestan Makhachkala on Monday, October 17, mothers of missing persons in different districts of the Republic of Dagestan went back on the Lenin square in front of government House to demand that authorities investigate the disappearances of young people, according to “Draft”. Relatives suspect that they were abducted by security officers.

According to the publication, about 50 women were holding posters “No to murders in Dagestan”, “Return our children” and the photos missing.
Several women went to government House to the reception and asked for a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister of Dagestan, Ramazan Dzhafarov. So far they have not received.

Last week the relatives of the missing young people spent two meeting – October 11, they went to Lenin square in Makhachkala, 14 Oct similar action, as reported by “Draft”, was held in Khasavyurt. According to the edition “Caucasian policy”, first in last rally was attended by about 50 women, in the evening the number of protesters increased to 100 people.

The protesters demand the authorities of the Republic and the security forces to the whereabouts of their relatives allegedly abducted security forces. As noted family, the assumption of the abduction testimonies of witnesses, and this conclusion can be drawn after analyzing rare footage from surveillance cameras.

As reported by Deputy Prime Minister Ramazan Jafarov, the police of the Republic of no data that are missing at the local police station. The Prosecutor and the head of Dagestan took under control investigation of criminal case about the disappearance of people.

According to the press, in particular, seven people disappeared in the period from June to October 2016, one person disappeared in June 2013, two from March to may 2012 and another young man went missing in 2009. Four of them disappeared in Kaspiysk, four – in Khasavyurt. Two people went missing in Makhachkala, another one in the novolak district of Dagestan.

Journalist and human rights activist Hasan Hajiyev told “Novaya Gazeta”that the majority of the residents of Khasavyurt came to the rally on 14 October, the children are gone no earlier than summer 2016.

Publicly about the kidnappings in Dagestan, spoke after the disappearance of four residents of Khasavyurt. 28 Sep Islam Magomedov together with his friends Hasimom by Ustanovim and Perugina by Makhaevism went to see a friend, Shamil Jamalutdinov for cement. They all disappeared on the same day. 5 Oct native young people came to the rally on the Central square of Makhachkala, they were joined by relatives of other missing persons in different years.

Meanwhile, the newspaper “Novoe Delo” wrote that track some of the missing may be discovered in Chechnya. The investigator on the case about the missing residents of Dagestan went into Chechnya for the inspection of the bodies of those killed in the RAID, which took place on 9 October. It eliminated eight suspected militants. Machines, which were lost, burned in a shootout. The interior Ministry of the Republic noted that the identities of the militants have not been established because the bodies were badly burned. In Chechnya, stated that the destruction of the group was planning terrorist acts on the territory of the Republic.

Father missing on September 28 a resident of Khasavyurt Hashima Ustanova earlier told the correspondent of “Draft” that went to Gudermes and, according to him, the son and his friends were probably in a burned-out cars.

In Makhachkala the mothers of the missing Dagestanis again came to the square 17.10.2016

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