Journalists Malaysia on the trail of a criminal group that kidnaps in China kids to turn them into cripples and beggars. According to preliminary data, gang run by two brothers-Chinese.

About the savage crimes, reminiscent of the novel by Victor Hugo, wrote to Malaysian publication The Star. His team managed to interview two cripples Chinese origin, who are asking alms on the streets of Kuala Lumpur.

One of the respondents was 33-year-old Xu yuan. The man claims that he was born a healthy child, but was later kidnapped and mutilated by the bandits. Subsequently, the boy was forced to beg for alms, first in China. Then criminal patrons allowed Yuan Shu to move to Malaysia, writes the Shanghaiist.

Xu yuan came over the border on a tourist visa. Most of the time he is busy begging, and collected the money paid to leaders of criminal groupings.

According to another beggar, a 30-year-old Du Feng, every beggar of his group needs to gather daily at least 1,200 ringgit ($287 more). However, at the weekend with a large gathering of tourists and vacationers one beggar might collect in a day, and three thousand ringgit ($719). Half of that amount taken by the organizers of the group. They also deduct from the earnings of the poor the cost of a taxi, where beggars take the place of “work”.

It is reported that a criminal gang run by two brothers and their criminal activity is also underway in the cities of Dongguan, Zhengzhou (China’s Guangdong province and Henan, respectively).

A source in the Chinese Consulate in Malaysia said that the authorities have long known about the problem of the influx of beggars from China. “The Embassy has always taken action in each specific case,” the official said on condition of anonymity. In particular, the diplomats are ready to cooperate with Malaysian police, conducting investigations, and to resolve issues of accommodation, food and repatriation of Chinese victims at the hands of criminals.

Recently Chinese diplomats helped to decide the fate of 10 Chinese beggars with disabilities, discovered in Johor Bahru (the second largest city by population in Malaysia).

The situation is compounded by the fact that in China many children have been abandoned. At the end of 2015, there were 502 thousand children-orphans, of which only 92 thousand managed to convey in foster care.

Some people are trying to help the beggars by the fact that photographing them, and then post the pictures in social networks on the Internet. The authors of the photographs I expect that children will be able to identify their relatives. For example, in 2011, according to photos from the social network Weibo has been able to find Jan Vasina who was kidnapped two years earlier and forced to begging.

Note that the story about the kidnappers who mutilate kids for profit, had a circulation in Europe. They formed the basis of the novel of Victor Hugo “the Man who laughs”, written in 1869.

Criminal network of traffickers writer has termed “comprachicos” (from the Spanish comprachicos, lit. “buyers of children”).

In the first chapters of the book, Hugo sets out the idea that comprachicos in Europe XVII-XVIII centuries bought children deliberately mutilated their appearance, and then resold as jesters, acrobats, court dwarfs, singers castrated or used as beggars.

However, the existence of criminal gangs involved in turning children into cripples, not confirmed by historical facts.

In Malaysia, looking for the kidnappers who maim Chinese children and using them for begging 24.10.2016

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